The Wolf of Wall Street

This is a continuation of my previous post about the Dark Side of the Moon. As I discussed there the moon is at the front and centre stage in 2019. First we had the Jade Rabbit Moon landings then we had the Lunar Eclipse which was rather special. Then I discussed how this is linked […]

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Dark Side of the Moon

  The moon is centre stage in 2019 right from the getgo and it is going to the dark side. On January 3, (13) China’s robotic spacecraft Chang’e-4 landed on the dark side of the moon, a first in the human history of space exploration. The China National Space Administration is working to send a […]

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In Greek Mythology Aurora was the goddess of the dawn symbolising a new beginning, starting a new chapter or starting over, signifying a reset for humankind. In Roman mythology, Aurora renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. Her parentage was flexible: for Ovid, she could equally be […]

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The Memory Code

No matter what path or journey I may take I keep getting brought  back to the same place the site of the ancient s tones. Recently I spied the above title in the bookstore Water Stones in Salisbury the author who is from Oz  visited the area and was inspired by its standing stones. She […]

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Total Recall

This will be the first in a series of posts in which you will follow me on a journey in completely losing my mind. I hope to find a new one during the process. Thanks to Hugo for the Valis and PKD links. Firstly I would like to emphasise I don’t believe in aliens or […]

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Mars Attacks

This post will be a short one as I just threw it together in response to the nerve agent attacks that are happening at the moment. Incredibly I myself am now caught up in this bizarre story and as we discovered some time ago we are writing and starring in our own movie…its unreal or […]

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The Return of Spectre

I started this post as always some time ago however doesn’t time fly so I finally decided to finish it. There have been times these past few years when I have felt as if I am the one writing the script for the things that are happening in this Dreamworld. I know others are experiencing […]

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