The White Cross

This is not a post I had planned to write just yet, however the events and syncs of the past few days have triggered my white bone antenna and led me to call the white feather pen into action. As always the syncs are up close and personal. This was just a brain dump and […]

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The Dark Knight Rises

This is just a brain dump it makes no n sense but then what does these days. I got a bit carried away as I am now going stir crazy with cabin fever so bear with as it’s more like two posts in one. 😉 It is however just my take on what is happening […]

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The Silence Has Fallen

It is my firm belief that this world is a reflection of the eternal conflict between the male and female principals, the north and the south, the left and the right, the east and the west. We live in a world of duality, of black and white instead of technicolour, of day and night instead […]

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Days of Future Past

This post deals with extremely complex themes which are difficult to comprehend but which reveal much about the nature of our reality and indeed answers the age old questions of who we are and explains why we ended up here. *Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the excellent Netflix series Dark, then go and watch […]

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We’ll Meet Again

Life really could not get any more surreal for me at the moment, but then every time I say that.. it does.  I feel as if I really have woken up in Wonderland.  2020 has really been about restoring our vision and regaining what we have lost in the sea of memory. Ancient Irish Celtic […]

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Sweet Caroline

This post links to my last in many ways which you can read here. As always this is all personal to me/us in many strange and not so wonderful ways. I just try and read into the synchronicities, symbology and ritual behind the mindlines.  Although on the surface the subject matter is dark I always […]

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Mamma Mia

This post is about all the death and rebirth/reset rituals that we are constantly being bombarded with. It is also about Mother or Big Mamma and she is pregnant once again and about to give birth….and it promises to be a very messy and bloody affair. For those of a weak disposition look away now. […]

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The Big Bang Theory

This was originally posted on July 4th 2019 on Independence Day. I thought I would finally get around to writing this as according to the computer program we are getting close to the big revealing the apocalypse … the end … finally or is it the beginning I am always so confused these days. This […]

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An Unexpected Journey

The above image is depicting the open door to another world, another dimension and the door is always round…. a 360 degree circle. This image was repeated recently. The Golden Gate It’s also a magic circle of course and this was reinforced to me when I spotted this book Illusion in the Library of Libraries […]

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I wrote this back in May 2019 but it has come back to scratch me in the eye.  Take note be very careful what you write down as it later appears to become reality. Which strangely enough is what I discussed back then in this post ….I am putting a happier ending in next time. […]

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