The Silence Has Fallen


It is my firm belief that this world is a reflection of the eternal conflict between the male and female principals, the north and the south, the left and the right, the east and the west. We live in a world of duality, of black and white instead of technicolour, of day and night instead of constant light.

I believe that in the beginning we were one mind, one body, one flesh, one soul, one spirit. In paradise we were naked with no shame, no guilt or fear and no rules until something happened to cause us to fall and we were shattered into many fragments.

Now we relive this moment we crashed and burned over and over again although each time the story is told in a slightly different way. One blaming the other for what happened to cause the big bang, the great fall out. It is also my firm belief that we can escape this never ending time loop by coming together as one, before returning home, the time for this to happen is fast approaching.

This post is a continuation of my previous post Days of Future Past which I recommend you read before you proceed any further.

In that post I discussed how time was depicted as male and Big Ben being the most famous c(l)ock in the world certainly reinforces that view.

Time however was running out for Big Ben as the old fella had lost his bong and it was time to save the clocktower.

Back to the Future

So time stopped and froze and Big Ben stopped chiming and went silent on the 21/8/17 when work commenced to refurbish the tower and clock, work that would last for 4 years until 2021.

The Silence Has Fallen

In the above video it mentions that Big Ben has a famous twin sister in Philadelphia called the Liberty Bell as they were both made in the same foundry in White Chapel and is no coincidence that they both have severe cracks/splinters running right through them.

A chapel is a place a man and women get married and the bride wears white.

1964 or 88 Time Loop

However it would appear that a rift appeared in the relationship and it caused them to split apart and go their separate ways one to the East World and one to the West World one to the Old World and one to the New World.

It led to divorce which turned into a war for independence as Liberty wanted her freedom from Big Benny.

They Fight like Cat and Dog

This ultimately led to worldwide conflict and resulted in a cold war between east and west. And as we near the end of time, the end of the script and it seems to telling us that we go back to the beginning. I wonder, I thought to myself, how many times we have been going round and round in this repeat cycle.

Listen very carefully to what this persons thoughts were on the symbolism behind the stopping of the clock tower.

Chaos Out of Order

Meanwhile on that very same day that time stopped in London, across the pond in the alternate dimension there was a total solar eclipse from the west coast to the east coast.

In which once again the moon (the female) and the sun (the male) become one as in a wedding seremooney. Which is why a diamoond wedding ring is featured.

I feel a song coming on, the lyrics below refer to the moon celebrating the return of the sun.

Gravity Falls

August 21 is the 233rd day of the year with 132 remaining. From the solar eclipse on 21/08/17 until the upcoming solar eclipse on 14/12/20 it is exactly 1212 days a repeat number, a mirror image. It also features an 88, a time loop number.

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 02.33.29

So we have established a link between a total solar eclipse and the stopping of time or The Time of No w Time as I like to call it.

On a personal note I had another strange experience on 14/12/13. I was shaving at exactly 11.00am when I heard an audible voice say these words, ‘the disaster that strikes at midday.’ Hearing audible voices is not an every day occurrence in my alternate universe just so you know. 😉

I knew it came from the book of Psalms in the Old Testament so I looked it up and there it was in Psalm 91v 6. The number 96 does appears frequently in my world as it represents the twins the original male and female.

The full version is:

You will not be afraid of the terror of night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day,

Nor of the pestilence (plague, pandemic) that stalks in darkness,
Nor of the disaster (sudden death) that strikes and lays waste at noon/midday.


As I was musing over these verses and what they could possibly mean, at exactly 12.00 midday one of the girls came running down the stairs shouting ‘there is a witches hat coming out of the ceiling.’

Could this day get any weirder I thought to myself. I asked her to calm down and tell me exactly what she mean’t but she just kept repeating the same thing over and over about a witches hat.

So I ran upstairs and discovered that a part of the ceiling had come down into a cone shape which weirdly enough looked like a witches hat only upside down.


I quickly realised the cause of this was that during the storm the previous night some roof tiles had come off and water had got into the attic which lead to a large pool of water forming, the weight of which led to the plaster giving way, hence the cone shape.

I immediately linked this for some unknown reason to a breaking through from another dimension. The cone was like a portal if you will joining two worlds together.

Water is also a symbol for time so I knew that both time (male) and dimensional space or anti-time (female) were involved in coming together in this strange sign. I can’t tell you how I came to this rather unusual conclusion, I just knew it to be so in my inner spirit.


I then looked up all upcoming events for the 14th December and the only one that stood out was this year’s solar eclipse in 2020.

The fact that 2020 was another mirror image or repeat number just as with the 1212 days since the solar eclipse in August 2017, it did make me wonder was something significant going to happen on that date or is it just the same sign repeating itself over and over in different ways since the Fall.

17125744_179929702512377_4610523851816697856_n (1)

With all the talk these past few years about a reset and a time loop going back 8 years to 2012, it did give me food for thought as I like to keep an open mind on these things.

I realised some time ago that these things have a habit of playing out in a way you would least expect.

When I was in the States I did keep getting the message that time was running out. This is the message from the escape room in Chattanooga terminal beside the Choo Choo.

15.21 Business 1

And back in England the Choo Choo appeared again along with the number 22 or 2020. It was beside the Bat Mobile referencing 2012 and Aurora, the Dark Night Rising and the great rift in the Milky Way. Choo Choo is repeated twice like 22 and 2020 or a time loop.


Construction on the Chattanooga Terminal Station began in 1906; it was opened in 1909……. 69/96 once again. The Terminal Station was the first train station in the South to help open a (neural) pathway to connect the north from the south. A portal connecting two worlds.

Throughout the years it has been used as a transport hub connecting to different states and today instead of fast trains and railway tracks Chattanooga is known as ‘Gig City’ because it claims to have the fastest broadband (neural network) in the world.

Then it dawned on me that I used to be a transport and supply chain manager for a company called Express. 🤔 And weirdly enough another portal or platform to another realm/world was located at the Choo Choo.


The Express/Delivery is another ongoing theme in my life as demonstrated by the fact that one of my online acronyms is TTN or the Truth Network or sometimes I am referred to as TNT and often end up as being the butt of the joke.


Butts are another thing that feature heavily in my world along with 69 there is literally no escape from them.


Then something else dawned on me, Chattanooga is where they also make strangely enough the VW Volkswagen. Now what are the chances of that I ask myself.


Which is why I found this when I was staying in Chattanooga’s West Village as in Go West by the Village People which has also been following me around for quite awhile. The Volkswagen means the (village) people wagon.


We Come in Peace

Transport and travelling appears to be the theme and I am thinking all these signs are alluding to travelling through time and space and between worlds/dimensions.

I wonder what happens when two worlds collide.


Or when TIME and ANTI-TIME meet head on.

The Time of Now Time

A new Vi sion ary Age is coming soon when the 2 become 1. They are back from the dead.

The VW Hybride

The VW represents the male and the female joined together as one flesh the two reflections becoming one. Genesis calls it a mystery, as mystery is an anagram of symmetry. One flesh means joined together mentally, telepathically, emotionally, spiritually and once in a blue moon physically. 🥳


On the first day of lockdown I posted a video of Bournemouth being empty and devoid of people. I gave it the same title as this post.

The video depicts the beach, the pier and the Observation Wheel empty which on a sunny day would normally have been packed with people.

For me it represents another manifestation of the ‘cold war’ between east and west and the male and the female principles who are currently on an atomic war footing.

The virus came from the east and threatens to destroy the west, just as with the acid rain from the radioactive cloud which came from Chernobyl back in 1986 and the constant threat of nuclear armageddon from Mother Russia.


Just as with the storms entitled the Beast from the East which have wrecked havoc and brought the country to a standstill, this current threat is no different. It just comes in another form.

With the advent of social distancing, with no personal contact, with impersonal masks hiding our emotions, travel restrictions, a curfew, the ban on alcohol, no singing or dancing…. it has all a very religious feel to it.

We are being treated like little children and if we break the rules we are severely punished. Sounds just like a religion or a cult to me.

It is as if we are being brainwashed and turned into cold emotionless androids devoid of feeling or empathy.

Which is exactly the point of the exercise, positive emotions such as love, compassion, laughing and having fun are being restricted and imprisoned while negative emotions such as fear, suspicion, guilt for breaking the Law are being encouraged and released. The dimensional LAW /WALL which separates East from West has to come down in order to let the Love Bug in.

Listen to Tennessee….

Meanwhile, Morrisons announced last week it is introducing “quieter hours” on Sundays, where all stores in the UK will have no music, checkout beeps or PA announcements for the first hour of shopping.

Quiet hours will operate from 10am-11am for stores that open from 10-4pm on a Sunday.

Quieter hours already operate every Saturday between 9am – 10am in all Morrisons stores.

Many customers have appreciated the initiative and, as a result, it will now be extended to the first hour of store opening every Sunday to provide more opportunities to shop peacefully.

  • Dim the lights
  • Turn music and radio off
  • Avoid making tannoy announcements
  • Reduce movement of trolleys and baskets
  • Turn checkout beeps and other electrical noises down
  • Place a poster outside to tell customers it’s Quieter Hour

That sounds more like a library or a church to me. 👂

It must be very weird though hearing nothing when time stops, no dogs barking, no birds singing, no traffic, no women complaining. 😬

Time has been stopped before of course I mean it was one of Christ’s neat tricks. As previously mentioned water represents time in the Bible so how do you think He walked on water if he didn’t freeze time.

There was also a total solar eclipse when He was on the Cross and the day became night, time stopped and the Bride’s Veil between the two worlds was rent in two.

I hope the Alpha and Omega can work it out this time and heal the rift as I do love a good knees up and they do make a lovely couple.

and the Birth day of the Sun and the Father are ONE… who knew.

11 thoughts on “The Silence Has Fallen

      1. I forgot to include the Ave Maria virus which is another version of the Love Bug a trojan horse hidden within.

        Additionally, Ave Maria injects the system with additional malware. At the time of research Ave Maria was used to proliferate another data-stealing trojan called LokiBot.


      2. Yes i not iced the t-shirt……….. how does this work Roob I am driving friends to Heathrow next week…they are flying to Brazil. 🤯

        Why did you pick that particular track if I may ask?


      3. Since Lady P mentioned the Snowman and the Tracy island at the top of the world…. here is a little treat for you it is of your old pal Loren Coleman’s find of a Bigfoot. I took the pic a year ago at the Sasquatch Museum in Georgia it was something else.. I could have stayed in there for days…I think I could have pretended to be one of the exhibits and they wouldn’t have noticed come to think of it.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. This is how it sometimes works – I spent a good hour or so last night searching for any reference to a TV advertising campaign for Colman’s Mustards, from the 1970, when they pitted English, German, French and American mustards against each other. I distinctly remember it from the time, but cannot find and reference to it online. The reason I was looking for it was to reply to you at Merovee regarding Columbus and Columbia…

        ‘From the 1800s and to the early 1900s it was popular for countries to have a female personification of itself. These personifications were often based off of the Greek Goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The most popularly used goddess personifications were Britannia (Britain), Germania (Germany), Marianne (France), and the forgotten Columbia (America).’

        And then I wake up this morning to see your message about Lauren Coleman…

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  1. Roob I too remember that Colmans ad. This gets even more strange I used to have an American friend called Loren he was 6ft 6 from Arizona… he was huge you could say he was Bigfoot. He even looked like Loren Colman. There is more than one of everything.


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