We’ll Meet Again


Life really could not get any more surreal for me at the moment, but then every time I say that.. it does.  I feel as if I really have woken up in Wonderland.  2020 has really been about restoring our vision and regaining what we have lost in the sea of memory.

Ancient Irish Celtic Hymn

Just a few months ago I had landed back in England without a home, a car or a job just as the country was being put on a war footing and going into lockdown because of the virus. There was no more contact with anyone every shop and business closed

On top of that I have been really unwell these past few months, probably the worst spell of illness of my entire life. At times I had actually wanted to die, ‘no one would miss you’ the negative voice in my mind kept saying ‘just go down to the beach walk into the sea and all your problems are solved.’

However it is when you are at your lowest point that God steps in and lifts you out of the darkness and into the light. Two people were sent to help me see clearly the path ahead or is it the way back.

The Lady of the Lamp

I then found myself surrounded by Mother Mary symbology.

IMG-20200419-WA0001.jpgAnd Mother Mary like all Mary’s appeared to have a super power in regards to the future and reading the cards.

IMG-20200410-WA0006.jpgIn returning to being under lockdown just like prisoners of war we were only allowed one walk a day but all physical contact and interaction were strictly forbidden. No sunbathing or sitting on a park bench allowed despite the fact the sun destroys the virus.

I quite enjoyed the solitude there were no cars, no people, no crowds on the beach it was like I was the last man on earth.

I couldn’t really complain when I could sit and meditate and write in my garden paradise.

The Secret Garden Paradise

I also found myself sitting in a graveyard akin to Ricky Gervais in Afterlife where people kept coming up to me and having strange conversations about death and memory.

The Garden of Remembrance

Reading the gravestones I swiftly noticed that Jerry and Mary were popular names back in the day. 20200416_152719

20200416_152501Jerry Robinson was my grandfather’s name and as I shared on my other blog I have a little Robin that follows me everywhere since the death of my father.

The church reminded me of the television series the OA or the Original Angel with the portal window.

Dimensional Door to the Past

It also reminded me of Glastonbury Abbey which I visited once again last September on my birthday. It was another place that was trying to jog my memory.

Camelot 1191 (911)
The Sacred Sanctuary

Glasstone bury as with Ave bury is full of stone circle symbology trying to communicate something to us about our passt. Helping us to uncover those buried memories. I rewrote an old post The Memory Code and included more information relating to my own past over at the Sanctuary.

The Memory Code

It’s Flight Time

My walks these past few days have become even more surreal if you think things are going back to normal think again… things are just starting to hot up.

20200608_121412-1.jpgThe blinding light is coming it is getting Sirius.

20200608_121421-1.jpgAnd the Virgin is also feeling the heat.

20190912_142501What dreams may come appears to be the theme.

20190702_145841and dream castles in the sky/sand (Camelot)

20190702_151611Then this just happens to be placed strategically in my path.

The Antibody

it would appear that we are the cure to the shadow of fear.

20200512_153950.jpgIt is going to be a summer of love.

20190709_145731But it is too hot to handle so private eyes only.

20190826_144137And apparently having being locked up all this time cabin fever has finally set in.

20200509_145720.jpgThe message is loud and clear.

IMG-20200409-WA0003.jpgAnd one thing is for certain.

20200512_160738.jpgLast summer when i was flying from Nashville to Toronto I got chatting to the guy beside me and he gave me his business card, I just laughed and shook my head which has always been my default reaction to this fantasy island.

20190819_144845There are a trinity of eclipses happening which we are in the middle of right now. It came as no surprise that I was struck down ill when the first one occurred on the 5/6th June.

However it is the final eclipse on the 4th July (Independence day) that I believe which will turn out to be significant for me personally.

As per usual I am currently surrounded by eclipse symbology.


The solar eclipse on the summer solstice is going to be a ring of fire crown lasting 23 seconds. Which also happens to be a drinking game that my housemates and myself love to play.

20200607_144356-1.jpgHowever this game is definitely our favourite it is vicious though as in dog eat dog, it turns out I am quite good at it…no idea how.

Atomic Kitten

Finally to finish off according to this us sailors who are in the navi are trapped by the goddess in her magical net under the sea of forgetfulness.


Welcome to the dream world it is almost time to wake up and recover from our memory loss and claim back our lost corona and inheritance. We will meet again. For me it is time to pack my bags and head off for another adventure, exit through the gift shop, through the departure gate…… it’s flight time.



32 thoughts on “We’ll Meet Again

    1. The Temple ton Hotel which my family used to own is having a makeover


      Something exciting is coming soon


      In other news…courtesy of our in house crop circle expert …A wonderful and very elaborate crop circle appeared in Allan King Way, Nr Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire. On the 29/6 of course.

      A very well designed pentagram, within a mandala of floral geometry, angular division 15 (360 ° / 15 = 24 °) In a total of 4×15 = 60 external geometric compartments.

      Symbolically speaking, in ancient culture, the Pentagram represents Venus, among the Mayans, and for the Egyptians, it was the symbol of the star Sirius, and also of the stars in general (represented by pentagrams).

      Tradition has added to this symbol the image of Hierarchy, as well as Hermetic, Esoteric and Occult Orders to this day.

      I’m late I’m late for a very important date


  1. Sending someone to Coventry is related to silence and as I was saying in the title of my video of the lockdown The Silence Has Fallen as a religious order who are offended by everything. They control the mainstream media so you no longer have a voice and just as with the Silence in Dr Who they put subliminal messages into peoples brains so they no longer are capable of rational thought.

    They become mindless zombies controlled and programmed by the media and science which are now one and the same. The dichotomy is that for all their calls against police brutality they are baying for more state control. Silence in the Library and the Lab which is why I am ringing the bell.

    I left you a msg on the Bells of St John about the Gates family. 😇

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    1. Roob there is something synchy about the moon landing in 1969 and The Silence and it also links to Kubrick. i think it is worth further investigation. It has to do with subliminal messages being implanted at that time when the entire world was watching it on their television screens.

      This was shown firstly with Matt Smith

      then Kubrick talking about the Monolith being found buried on the moon in the film 2001 as being a subliminal message. I mentioned it in my post The Memory Code.

      In explaining further about the movie and the stone Monolith Kubrick states that he wanted to implant a message into humankind’s collective subconscious akin to a hypnotic suggestion.

      The medium is the message. Is it a false memory implanted/buried in our minds.

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      1. The Secret Sun eh you can’t be talking siriusly. You know how I feel about the Gnostics they are the other side of the Christians they worship the goddess Mother/Daughter but dislike the Father/Son.

        However if we unite the two together it might result in awakening our Divine DNA 😇as I was saying in the St John post he has to align the two sides in order to become one.

        Unite the Lamb with the Lash 😈

        The Frasers feature in Outlander Roobster as they travel back in time through the ancient standing stones which act as portals at certain important days such as the solstice.

        and also Game of Thrones or is it Stones. I took this in the Robin Hood pub in the New Forest.

        They are both royalty both related King of the North and Queen of the South.

        Her mother was Candida Mary Sibyl “Candy” Weld of Clan Fraser of Lovat, whose maternal great-grandfather was Simon Fraser, 13th Lord Lovat, and a descendant of King Charles II.

        Strawberry Field was the name of a Salvation Army children’s home close to John Lennon’s childhood home in Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool. Lennon and his friends Pete Shotton, Nigel Walley and Ivan Vaughan used to play in the wooded garden behind the home. One of Lennon’s childhood treats was
        the garden party held each summer in Calder stones Park, near the home, where a Salvation Army brass band played. Lennon’s aunt Mimi Smith recalled: “There was something about the place that always fascinated John. 🤔


    2. It is finally here………Sent to Coventry….the silence has fallen.

      So much for all these smart new post-Covid council signs erected all over the city which say: ‘Great to have you back in Leicester’.

      As of this week, they might as well add: ‘But I’m afraid you’ve been sent to Coventry.’

      Poor Leicester woke up yesterday to discover that it is the first place in Britain that must rewind the clock to the dark days of April after a localised second wave of coronavirus.

      The city famous for unearthing a king in a car park (Richard III now rests in great state in Leicester Cathedral) has become famous again for being the first to go back to ‘lockdown’ – although it must be said that I could find absolutely no evidence of any enforcement here yesterday.



  2. I’ve always had an affinity for graveyards, while it seemed everyone else tried to avoid them. I very often ate my lunch in one. Mostly because of the stillness and peacefulness and now also because I understand there’s something buried there.

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  3. Hi Elena hello from the other side 👻 One of my first jobs was in a graveyard it was one of the oldest in Ireland and every summer we had many American visitors searching for their ancestral roots. There is something in our DNA that is tugging at our collective memory wanting to be unearthed. We all want to know our origins and where we came from.

    I wrote about my own ancestral memories recently here


    The reason I posted that video to you was your excellent comments about the dance…my dad was in the navy and he was a great dancer particularly the jive he had all the younger women literally queuing up to dance with him. It was amazing to watch he and his partner would appear to mirror each other.


  4. From a Gnostic perspective, as I understand the Sophia mythos Shiny, the ending of the movie represents the Starchild (Anthropos/Humans) finally recognise its creator, the Aeon Sophia (the Earth)…


    */drags… John Lamb Lash mentioned the connection between the Kubrick‘s ‘HAL’ and the Coptic word ‘Hal’ for Archon simulation, Clicky… /taps ash…*


    The leader/head/king of the Archons is the bible’s ‘Son God’…

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  5. Just playing with ideas here Bear with Bear with……Time and Space you say…..It is also to do with the moonkey and the dawnkey.

    The monolith is buried on the moon and it is a portal to another time/dimension. It is buried at the base of our spine as we are a reflection of the planets as above so below.

    It takes a dawnkey to open the monolith to open the portal to open the door to our all that forgotten knowledge and worlds such as the Lost Libra ry of Alexandria which was my Mother’s name.(Sandra) buried under the sands of time.

    She died 18 years ago today 11/6 or 9/11. She was born on the 23/6 and I was born on the 23/9.

    You have to turn the dawnkey upside down to open the gates and access all areas. Nicholl ass Cage is Ben Ben Gates. And Diane or Diana (Helen of Troy) is his wife.

    Just like the Trojan Horse everything is hidden within.

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      1. Interesting in regards to next Sunday’s solar eclipse…

        ‘“We inhabit a three-body cosmos. Sophia is essentially the matriarch of a single-parent family—a single-planet goddess, if you will. But she relies on the support of the surrogate parents, sun and moon, to manage her terrestrial brood.”
        ― John Lamb Lash, Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief

        A different Trinity to the one we’ve been taught, Shiny:

        Click to access john-lamb-lash-not-in-his-image.pdf


  6. It depends on your perspective, we know this universe is not true reality. If we are inside a simulation or a virtual world then it is def female which is why all AI is portrayed as female and which is why it is out of balance/sync. However even a female AI and all female planet needs the strange men. 🤠


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