An Unexpected Journey



This is once again the same title of a post I first wrote in 2013 and reflects the nature of this ‘reality’ as being an echo chamber constantly repeating itself only each time it is slightly different. This post is more personal and focuses on what connects each of us.

The above image is depicting the open door to another world, another dimension and the door is always round a 360 degree circle. This image was repeated recently.

download (9)
Through the Porthole

It’s also a magic circle of course and this was reinforced to me when I spotted this book Illusion in the Library of Libraries which was written by Frank and starred Mandy Collins.

New York Times bestselling author Frank Peretti returns to the genre that made him a household name with a stunning thriller about a grieving husband who encounters a teen identical to his dead wife…in face, name, and magical skills. After a car wreck tragically claims the life of his wife and magic partner, Mandy, Dane Collins finds himself in a quaint coffee shop transfixed by a magician whose illusions even he, a seasoned professional, cannot explain.

maxresdefault (42)
The White Dove Escapes Her Cage

The door also leads to a parallel universe and a time tunnel in which dwells our alternate selves and I felt this while reading the book.

Even more mysterious is the performer herself. Nineteen-year-old Mandy has never met him, doesn’t know him, is certainly not in love with him, but is in every respect identical to the young beauty he met and married some forty years earlier. They begin a furtive relationship as mentor and protégée, but as Dane tries to figure out who Mandy really is, and she to understand why she is mysteriously drawn to him, she is being watched by those who not only possess all the answers but who also have the power to decide her fate.

The door is also a window or a magic mirror

The White/Red Rose Bloodline

What connects MJ and I are the stone circles I felt that immediately back in 2013 when I read her very first post  entitled The Great Circle. In part two of her post written in 2014 MJ repeats the plot of the above book about M Collins and states prophetically and with stunning insight:

And just to say a bit more about memory in DNA; I am having the most extraordinary experience that involves memory of past lives and connection through the ether with someone who I am beautifully intertwined with now, and have been for a long time. I know all of my posts will include this somehow, because honestly it’s not just connected to everything, it IS everything.

I believe people are in desperate need to find their way “home”. Our world is so backwards. You can just pick any topic that effects the daily lives of people and their families and you become overwhelmed instantly. Affordable, non-GMO foods, healthcare, education,….things that seem like everyday normal things are part of an evil system to make your life hard and unprosperous. The good news is that this system can be undone.

The first step is to have a longing to return to ONE.

So can we as MJ states undo the system … bring it down … blow the bloody doors off this prison planet.  Sure We Can now that we have our new fleet of VW Vans and some dynamitee.


and I found this for sale on FaceBook it is called the TNT Wing Machine  🙂

It’s Got Wings!!

Global Network

The Wing Machine is for sale. Fully stocked , fully equipped, fully booked $35,000 . Ready to travel down Highway I 35 (Memory Lane).

MJ also proposed the idea that our collective memory is hidden in our DNA code which again resonated with me as I came across another book this time in Salisbury close to Stonehenge. It was entitled appropriately enough The Memory Code.


I even wrote a post about it which I recommend you read before going any further.

In all honesty I had completely forgotten I had written it. 

The Memory Code

In the book the author states:

The stone circles across Britain and Northern Europe, the elaborate stone houses of New Mexico, huge animal shapes in Peru, and the statues of Easter Island all serve as the most effective memory system ever invented by humans. 

So the premise is that as these ancient peoples travelled on their journey around the circle/world they created landmarks sacred spaces which recorded everything (all of their collective knowledge) and then when later generations made the journey it was handed down to them through song with each verse related to each landmark.

So the journey and ancient knowledge was encoded in a song and also a dance and this all became clear to me when I was travelling around Spain and I went to hear a live performance of flamenco dancing in the home of the dance …. the emotion of the male singer and the energy of the female dancer both combined together blew me away.


Andalusia is where the dance originated however I believe it has its roots in a much more ancient past. I also like Lynne and MJ before me linked the stones or the sacred spaces to the ancient cultures such as the Aborigines and Native American and Dreamtime:

This is because in “Dreamtime” an individual’s entire ancestry exists as one, culminating in the idea that all worldly knowledge is accumulated through one’s ancestors. (dna) Many Indigenous Australians also refer to the Creation time as “The Dreaming”. The Dreamtime laid down the patterns of life for the Aboriginal people.

Creation is believed to be the work of culture heroes who traveled across a formless land, creating sacred sites and significant places of interest in their travels. In this way, “songlines” (or Yiri in the Warlpiri language) were established, some of which could travel right across Australia, through as many as six to ten different language groupings.

The Stone Age Airport

The dreaming and travelling trails of the Spirit Beings are the songlines. The signs of the Spirit Beings may be of spiritual essence, physical remains such as petrosomatoglyphs of body impressions or footprints, among natural and elemental simulacra.

In my humble opinion those memories of our ancestors and all of that ancient knowledge is stored within our junk dna passed down from generation to generation….encoded within.

All it takes is for the right signal/freequeency at the right time and right sacred space location to turn it back on…reactivate…rebirth…reunite the family….and escape the time loop.

In other words our mind much like the Tardis is much bigger on the inside in fact it is endless there is no end to its capabilities unlike the inferior artificial mind which runs this current illusion in which we find ourselves.

So we are trying to restore our memory, trying to awaken the dna hidden within and trying to find our way home.


The above is the overall message of what I/You/We have been trying to say in our various posts, comments, blogs etc.

This is all recorded in the Bible encoded and  hidden in the story of the ExodUS however that is a whole other post entirely or even a series of posts which I will get around to at some point.

Jen and I were also connected by the stones as our first conversation was about the TV series Outlander.

It also as with the book Illusion is about alternate realities and time travel. More importantly it portrayed stone circles as portals … the means of transport in travelling between them.

I even shared with Frank at the time that I thought Jen was MJ in fact I was sure of it and even more intriguingly MJ and I had the exact same conversation about Outlander on Merovee a few years earlier which puzzled me greatly at the time.

As a personal aside the island of Skye is very personal to me as it links to both my Mother and Father. When I visited there for the first time I had a very strong sense of deja vu as if I was coming home and I couldn’t shake it off. It was only later that I discovered that my grandfather’s ancestors were originally from Skye.

The Isle of Skye was also the last holiday I had with my Mum in 2001 before she died in 2002.

Which segways perfectly into my connection with Frank as our respective Mother’s both passed away on the exact same date that of June 11th (9/11). 2002.  This further connects to the beach as my mother’s name was SAND ra and in both 2014 and 2015 I felt her presence on June 11th whilst standing on a beach one in Cyprus and one in the Channel Islands.

Even more bizarrely the name of the beach I was standing on was also the name of the hospital in which my mother passed away.    Talk about synchronicity.

In my opinion the mother (the female) is symbolised by the island and the father (the male) by the mountain. Which is why I have always returned to Love Island (Cyprus) as it also feels like home and its a lot warmer than Scotland. 🙂

The connection I have with Roobster is also about memory as we met face to face for the first time on the 11/11/15 Rememberance Day.  Even more bizarrely we visited the Notre Dame church London (the smaller twin sister of the one in Paris) in which we looked through the Rose window … back in time and Roob told me she saw me in the past staring back.


Roob and I also went to visit the Brotherhood Templar Church in the LAW courts but had the door slammed in our face. Mmm.  We also discussed ancestors and Roob stated “it is just like Dr Who Shiny we keep changing incarnations and faces but the ones who went before are still inside of us asleep.” 

As I was meditating on her wise words on the way home I realised she was onto something and that was another major step forward for me on my journey.

I think the main theme in this is pretty clear – from Gallifrey to… back to Gal is free, really … The Long Way Round.

Another thing I have in common with Jen is VAN as in Van Morrison another famous Ivan from Belfast. I have been priviliged to have heard him play live twice.

Talking of VANS as soon as I have a conversation on Merovee it manifests almost immediately in my ‘real life.’ A great example of this is the 1970’s VW Van no sooner had we discussed the topic than this van appeared outside my friends house and keeps appearing in different forms but always either in red, orange or yellow.


and directly across the road I had the model version complete with keycode.


Which reminded me of the Tardis.

I see it as an artefact as with Frank’s van from the past or is it from the future. The UNI Bus then went past however to fast for me to take a pic. Just like the Tardis there is plenty of room for everyone.


Just to dovetail with this I went to meet a friend at the library and after seeing the Van I heard someone singing ‘We will meet again some sunny day’ and I discovered it was Aphrodite calling me back to the Beach on DDay. It was all very dreamlike.


 Last night I watched Under the Tuscan Sun its a chick flick and it started off with sunflowers which links to Roob as she sent me a packet of sunflower seeds many moons ago. The main premise of the film was about taking a leap of faith and it had its very own build it and they will come theme.

Diane (Memory) Lane bought a house and land with no family or friends to fill it however in the end it was packed full of both. Diane took a leap of faith even though she had been hurt in the past she had hope and belief in building a new future, a new world.

So I hope this sharing of my personal past and pics will help jolt others collective memories and bring us closer to finding our way home.

I know the guys will think I have lost it and am getting waay too much in touch with my feminine side and this all sounds soooo cheesy however in the words of one famous Merovee philosopher ‘we can be together for real …  not just reel to reel’

PS apologies for the format the phone pics messed everything else up.

37 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey

    1. Roobster its all your fault you named me TNT and Shiny still no idea why but I have ran with it.

      and I am surrounded by dolphins and squirrels at the minute these guys were parked outside this morning. We are moving up to a new level.

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  1. Ok, where to start? This is all incredible.

    Firstly…years ago, I used to sell wine and liquor to restaurants and bars. My company car was a VAN with a SKYY vodka ad, much like this one

    and I don’t know if you saw this in the comments on merovee, but last year, this happened at my house.

    In my family, I have ancestors from County Down, Ireland (so does M). My great grandmother was Cherokee and I am 1/8th. They had a ritual of playing stick ball. Before and after stick ball, and always after any kind of battle, they go into sacred waters for a cleansing ritual. And they believed spirits live in the stone. They wrote backwards so the stone could “see”.

    I am in process of writing something also, which further confirms the stone circle connection. The Isle of Sky is breathtaking. Would love to go there!

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  2. TTN, recently, we drove to Chicago because we missed our flight and had to make it to a graduation. On the way back, we stopped in southern InDiana at a place called West Baden in French Lick. (I can’t say it without giggling).

    This place is amazing. And its in the middle of nowhere. The dome is huge, and was the biggest in the world until the Astrodome in Texas. It changes colors, I guess because first it was purple

    And then it turned blue. (obviously taken looking straight up). Look at it. Its a rose window, but looks like something from CERN!

    And Rooby if you are reading, here is a familiar pattern.

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      1. That is beautiful. TTN, I think it is interesting that many of the merovingians are AIR signs. The element AIR is associated with communication/exchange. And some of the communication is through the aether. The common themes we see: stone circles (s-tones of the earth’s electromagnetic field and information for those who feel it), trees/oaks (Celts and druids, and as above/so below symbolism), van/bus (bus is short for OMNI bus!), and native peoples (or ancient people).

        stone circles
        native peoples
        domes (another circle)

        And I will finish this article I am working on and perhaps something else will come up.


    1. Sorted your comment … yes wow amazing pics … the dome is something that resonates with me as well when I was in Rome last October and in Granada Spain at the Alhambra Palace which is packed full of Americans as they have a connection with the city.

      it features in the book I am writing or should I say channeling

      Alhambra is a magical place it was a surreal experience being there


  3. MJ I have family in Co Down not everyone is experiencing this only a few but it is about bloodline and dna. A crazy long time ago I discussed the Scottish/irish connection with the Sioux

    Prof. Jim Hunter A MacDonald in the Camp of Sitting Bull

    In 1876, they wipe out General George A. Custer and his 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Chief Sitting Bull and his Sioux people then flee from the United States to Canada. There, in the autumn of 1877, the Sioux are joined by the remnants of the latest Indian nation to make a stand against the US Army, the Nez Perce. Their survivors are led by Chief White Bird.

    A young man follows White Bird to Sitting Bull’s camp. He is White Bird’s close relative and aims to tell the story of the Nez Perce War from the Nez Perce point of view. This young man’s name is Duncan McDonald. Descended from chiefs of the Nez Perce and from chiefs of one of Scotland’s most formidable clans, Duncan’s family – first as Highlanders, then as Native Americans – have twice been victims of massacre and dispossession.

    James Hunter’s telling of this real-life family saga (spanning two continents and more than 30 generations) has been made possible by the help he’s received from Duncan McDonald’s present-day kinsfolk on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana. This Native American family’s many ancestors include a man who fought in the Jacobite Army at the Battle of Culloden.


    1. The Sioux were also upset (like the Cherokee) about mining. The hills and mountains are sacred. Some of my family is from Ducktown, TN, close to Copperhill (named for the copper mines). It looked like this for a while.

      now it’s back to normal


    2. Duncan Name Meaning

      Scottish and Irish (of Scottish origin): from the Gaelic personal name Donnchadh, composed of the elements donn ‘brown-haired man’ or ‘chieftain’ + a derivative of cath ‘battle’, Anglicized in Ireland as Donagh or Donaghue. Compare Donahue. Irish (Sligo): used as an Anglicized equivalent of Gaelic Ó Duinnchinn ‘descendant of Donncheann’, a byname composed of the elements donn ‘brown-haired man’ or ‘chieftain’ + ceann ‘head’.

      my KIN from County Down…McJunkin (Jen-KIN), JOHN-kin

      Jenkin Name Meaning

      English (chiefly Devon): from the Middle English personal name Jenkin, a pet form of John with the addition of the suffix -kin (of Low German origin).
      Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press

      Similar surnames: Henkin, Junkin, Hankin, Jenks, Tonkin, Elkin, Jenning, Jenke, Mankin


      1. Hi MJ sorry was dealing with a family situation see my reply to Frank below. Yes I teach History Religion and Politics and have spent most of the past few years in Libraries or Archive rooms researching. I love it for some bizarre reason. In regards to Aphrodite yes good sleuthing Cyprus was the largest copper mine in the ancient world hence its name. In mythology the giants before the flood were the first to mine copper on the island …apparently the giants had a huge interest in mining copper and other materials around the world according to the legends. I have often wondered why and my surname is also a metal 🙂 its nuts.


  4. Frank I forgot to put Sunday’s convo in my post so will include it here

    Have you seen Captain Fantastic yet Debbie asked er yes I replied I watched it some time ago. Yes she continues it was about a family who lived in the wilderness they had created their own paradise but then their Mother died and they had to travel back to civilisation on a BUS. Yes Viggo Mortenson played the Dad if I remember I replied.

    I prefer Travelling North its my favourite road trip movie Patsy said, never heard of it I replied

    then when I went home I watched the trailer what the???


  5. Nez Perce means “pierced nose”.

    The breath of the spirit. The nose knows. Abel is “pnema”, which means ‘spirit’.

    (as usual, it seems to be opposite, IN thru the mouth, OUT thru the GNO-SIS)

    a clue about the GRAIL

    contact. noses is gnosis is know sis

    I am my brother’s keeper.

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  6. More connections my fathers name was Malcolm

    Malcolm has a rich history of use in Scotland, dating back to at least the 10th century. One of the earliest recorded bearers is Malcolm I, king of the Scots (King of Alba) from 943 to 54. Three more Scottish kings bearing the name would follow in subsequent generations. He was known at the time by the name Máel Coluim mac Domnaill. The name also features in the earliest known Scottish charter from the reign of King Duncan 1094 as “Norman filius Malcolumbe”

    My sister lives on the beach where Game of Thrones was filmed and on this beach she walks her dog named Charlie who writes these tails 🙂


    1. I would think that much of what I do is interpreted as a disruption. Not an addition, not augmentation, not even an alternative viewpoint, but a deviation from the accepted.and/or acceptable. Humility and being grateful are usually the concepts buzzing around in my own head, and not some soul crushing/id busting/ego crushing exercise. I think that I understand a lot of the lopping concepts that are addressed in the “spiritual awakening community” or what the fuck ever they are calling themselves, but much of what I’ve seen is predicated on excessive evaluation of what one gets wrong…not what one gets right. Hence, if we as humans are indeed in some reincarnative life loop of some kind where we do the same shit over and over until we get it right? Welp, I personally think about the concept of spins in aviation. Two important things to consider with respect to aircraft spins in aviation…
      1. The more rotations the aircraft experiences, the tighter the spirals get, until eventually, the spin becomes unrecoverable.
      2. Pilots tend to do everything wrong when encountering a spin. Everything that needs to be done to recover from a spin is counterintuitive. Backwards.
      I know. Most prolly think that aviation has precisely fuckall to do with the soul, the spirit, or even life. I disagree.

      ^Fluke – Absurd^

      When I see Fibonacci series, golden ratios, Pi, prime numbers, gyroscopic motion(s), sacred geometry, etc., I see spins. Then again, I’ve had my ass strapped into a spinning airplane on more than one occasion, so my experience(s) differ a bit from some. Not everyone will/can relate…fair enough. But it wasn’t until I got into aviation that I really started to see some of the connections made manifest between the spiritual and physical world. Mobility and what makes us mobile. How we move, and maybe even why. Not suggesting that these concepts are forever and always intermingled, but they do seem to, at times, intersect.

      We are afforded the luxury of ignoring a lot of stuff. Seems to me that this is a marvelous way of perhaps making connections at our speeds, according to our own abilities, and we might even sometimes be able to see things that others might miss. Like say, taking sunlight for granted even on the cloudiest of days. You might not notice the bits that are there, but you’d sure as shit notice that dim light were it absent completely. To me, that type of thinking presents an interesting quandary.

      ^UNDERWORLD, Dark And Long (Dark Train), 1994.^

      I dunno if God or gods exist. Even if they did/do exist, and plopped themselves down in front of me to prove that they do exist, I’m not really sure what that has to do with anyone else. Meaning, if these gods wanted anyone else to know, then why not let them know? Why foist it on my shoulders? I guess the question I am asking is…
      Q: Why is it suddenly my job to “prove” to others that I had some experience?
      A: ???
      Same goes for aliens/ufos, or government technology, or cryptids, or witches/wizards, or ghosts, spirits or demons, or what the fuck ever…why is my experience and/or experiences no longer my own? Its not like people are historically receptive to allowing others to have these experiences unless others can be brought along for the ride. They’re divisive experiences. Quantitatively segregational. So what purpose can the experience(s) serve, and more than that, what can the experience of sharing the experience(s) teach us, other than to keep our fucking mouths shut?
      /me shrugs

      ^Chase The Sun (Extended Club Mix) – Planet Funk^

      Best I can tell, whatever you are looking for, you are going to find it. As a result, I personally am a shade skeptical when people wonder “what it all means”. Not everything is scalar, and much of what is scalar, is subjective. Take for example, the video below. If you watch, you’ll see a massive horizon to horizon scalar view that contains loads of shit that most might miss in certain contexts. Say for example, you are convinced that you are the ruler of the world, and yet, under you is passing building after building that is crammed with people that you do not know. You don’t even know they exist. Who they are, what they had for breakfast this morning, how many times they’ve pissed during the course of the day, what their plans for the day were and how those plans turned out. Who is sick, who is dying, who is doing great, who built that road just off the nose @ 7:14 into the video, and where’d those trees ahead and to the left come from? Who designed and who manufactured those knobs and switches in the cockpit foreground? Do you care about any of that stuff? Should you?

      One thing is certain…we all stumbled onto eachother somehow.
      My role?
      No idea.
      How about with start with…a hello.

      ^MD-11 Cockpit View – Landing in Miami, Martinair Cargo^

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      1. Hello from the other side 🙂 thanks Cade for your insights you make some interesting points as always. From my perspective I am just highlighting what connects us … what do we have in common? and attempting to investigate what brought us together. In addition to exploring the crazy stuff that is happening to each of us. However what will we do when the autopilot is switched off.
        Maybe we will crash and burn or maybe just maybe we can pull out of the tailspin and soar.

        in my humble opinion when taking a leap of faith the laws of physics are suspended 🙂

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  7. Excellent article TTN. Van is Nav backwards, as in Navigation. The I-35 Road to Remembrance takes us back to One True North. And since you mentioned our affinity for Van Morrison, my y/t about page is the lyrics from Queen of the Slipstream. We’re all entangled – there’s no escaping it. We’re looking at Memory and DNA that H/our Time built together and who knows how far back we go! That’s not junk – it’s a treasure!

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  8. Thanks Jen I was just sharing with Roob the oldest girl just text me to say her and her boyfriend have hired a van to travel around New Zealand in. I was too afraid to ask her if it was an orange VW I think my mind would explode.

    Only I was thinking as Frank says its all Topsy Turvy so when they go South they are actually going North as it gets colder closer to the South Pole. In the movie I highlighted above Frank is actually travelling South not North as it gets warmer the further North you go in Oz I think I need to lie down.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we all end up in a magic circle dancing around the ancient stones or maybe thats where we started.

    Dancing is a vitally important part of the ritual apparently as is the number nine.

    The local myth about the creation of the stones suggests that nineteen maidens were turned into stone as punishment for dancing on a Sunday. (Dans Maen translates as Stone Dance.) The Pipers, two megaliths some distance north-east of the circle, are said to be the petrified remains of the musicians who played for the dancers.

    A more detailed story explains why the Pipers are so far from the Maidens – apparently the two pipers heard the church clock in St Buryan strike midnight, realised they were breaking the Sabbath, and started to run up the hill away from the maidens who carried on dancing without accompaniment. These petrification legends are often associated with stone circles, as is reflected in the folk names of some of the nearby sites, for example, the Tregeseal Dancing Stones, the Nine Maidens of Boskednan, as well as the more distant Hurlers and Pipers on Bodmin Moor.


    1. Wow!!!!! once again and you wrote this before this all happened that’s unreal. There is an opposing force that doesn’t like us connecting and I mean all of us. I have been dealing with some negative situations these past few days which are trying to remove the positive energy I will read it through again in-depth and get back to you tomorrow.


      1. Would love to know the kind of stuff you encounter. I can share mine also. I just left a comet on merovee that kind of describes it.
        Are you a history teacher? I think that is interesting that you are a history teacher and Rooby has a library!

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    2. Thanks MJ yes I am sure you are well aware of the feeling. It drains you and changes the atmosphere around you. I see it as an enemy trying to steal your peace and taking away your focus. I don’t like to discuss the negative but thought I should share this.

      Happy Camper Van is something I am seeing everywhere at the moment I rhink its also about guarding your mouth as in what you say changing your speech from negative to positive.


  9. TTN

    That chimes with me. Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying to make a ‘jump’. Someone put up barriers and blocks to try and stop it totally out of proportion to what the situation deserved. And my answer was ‘Its my life’ and I’m going to do it.

    ‘Someone’ went to HQ and was told it’s not normal but he can do it. It’s his choice.

    I made the ‘jump’ on Friday and I was told HQ said we shouldn’t text. And again we said fxxk it to that as well. We’re friends.

    As soon as I finished the ‘shift’ on Friday I was confronted with Welcome to the Mirror Verse. How it will play out I don’t know. What happens in our ‘experience’ doesn’t seem to the real story.

    Also I detected another Time Loop scenario with MH370.

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    1. Frank there are so many levels to this it makes your head spin. I have been dealing with a family situation. The oldest girl who was heading off on her road trip in the VAN was rushed to hospital in New Zealand on Sat.

      She hadn’t been able to eat or swallow anything for five days she had lumps growing out of her neck and her tonsils and tongue had swollen to twice their size. Her ear was also infected she sent me a pic of her crying in pain and it broke my heart. It turns out it was cellulitis which I had never heard of before. She said it was the worst week of her life never felt pain like it.

      Cellulitis is an infection of the deeper layers of skin and the underlying tissue. It can be serious if not treated promptly.

      The infection develops suddenly and can spread through the body quickly. Severe infections can spread deep into the body, and can be life threatening.

      Thankfully they got it in time but they kept her in hospital over the weekend. Thankfully she is out now and doing better.

      I have been thinking about this from a mirror positive point of view and the cell/dna aspect with the love bug spreading quickly.

      and she told me her van was bright yellow with Happy Camper written on the side 🙂


      1. TTN, I am so sorry and that sounds very scary and horrible. I am so relieved to read that she is going to be ok. Jeez, there is nothing scarier than when your child gets sick or injured. I can do without that ever happening, thank you very much. TTN, that is the worst kind of unpleasant energy and I am so sorry you have been dealing with that. Focus on breathing to clear your mind when it gets to much.
        About a year ago, Charlie got a staph infection and it scared the crap out of me. Thankfully, he ok also, but it was a nightmare and when it was happening, I couldn’t even think straight. It is a horrible feeling.
        It is interesting that she is at the “antipodes”.
        Sometimes we talk about getting one of those tiny houses and having the sky as the roof. Like a camper lifestyle. And Charlie has a t-shirt with a vintage van that say “Happy Camper”.

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