The Memory Code

No matter what path or journey I may take I keep getting brought  back to the same place the site of the ancient s tones. Recently I spied the above title in the bookstore Water Stones in Salisbury the author who is from Oz  visited the area and was inspired by its standing stones. She […]

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Total Recall

This will be the first in a series of posts in which you will follow me on a journey in completely losing my mind. I hope to find a new one during the process. Thanks to Hugo for the Valis and PKD links. Firstly I would like to emphasise I don’t believe in aliens or […]

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Mars Attacks

This post will be a short one as I just threw it together in response to the nerve agent attacks that are happening at the moment. Incredibly I myself am now caught up in this bizarre story and as we discovered some time ago we are writing and starring in our own movie…its unreal or […]

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