The Lost City of Z


Gaily bedight,
A gallant knight,
In sunshine and in shadow,
Had journeyed long,
Singing a song,
In search of Eldorado.

But he grew old—
This knight so bold—
And o’er his heart a shadow—
Fell as he found
No spot of ground
That looked like Eldorado.

And, as his strength
Failed him at length,
He met a pilgrim shadow—
‘Shadow,’ said he,
‘Where can it be—
This land of Eldorado?’

‘Over the Mountains
Of the Moon,
Down the Valley of the Shadow,
Ride, boldly ride,’
The shade replied,—
‘If you seek for Eldorado!’

Edgar Allen Poe

The Lost City of Z is a book I read back in 2010 it is about an adventurer and an explorer called Colonel Percy Fawcett who vanished along with his son looking for a mythical city that he called Z.

Brad Pitt bought the film rights back then and only now has it made its way to the silver screen. It was personally disappointing for me in the end as the film felt a bit flat and the actor who played Percy (Charlie Hunnam) was a tad wooden.

Charlie also recently starred in another flop playing the role of King Arthur which fits in with the above poem about a knight seeking El Dorado.. the lost city of gold or King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table seeking his Camelot or the Holy Grail… the golden cup.


Percy was the original Indiana Jones always seeking adventure and hunting for lost artifacts and treasures. What the film didn’t show was this story which appeared in 2004.

It is an unsolved riddle which has inspired explorers and writers for nearly 80 years. Yet now, after a decade of research, one British writer and director has shed unexpected light on the murky fate of Colonel Percy Harrison (Ford) Fawcett and those who followed him deep into the Brazilian jungle.


It has long been assumed that the missing colonel, a celebrated explorer who knew the popular adventure writers Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle, must have been murdered by Amazonian tribesmen in 1925 during his fabled expedition to find the Lost City of Z. The truth, however, turns out to be stranger than the myth.


The  video below filmed in Aquascope on VIMEO

Dr Bones Wake Up Now

According to previously hidden private papers, it appears that Fawcett had no intention of ever returning to Britain and, perhaps lured by a native she-god or spirit guide whose beautiful image haunts the family archive. That is the most important clue as to the nature of our reality.


Percy like Wonder Woman fought in the trenches of the First World War 1917.

He planned instead to set up a commune in the jungle, based on a bizarre cult….sounds a bit cultish… calling Dr Stone wake up now.

‘The English go native very easily, he once wrote. ‘There is no disgrace in it. On the contrary, in my opinion it shows a creditable regard for the real things in life.

What the Hell Happened to Man who Mapped the Amazon

Some say Fawcett never intended to come out that jungle. It’s been floated that he succumbed to dementia and took over as tribal chief of a cannibalistic tribe. Others claim he was lured to his death by a siren — a jungle succubus of some sort.


Queen Kat of the Jungle

In 2004, a theory pushed by theatre director Misha Williams gained ground. Fawcett’s second son, Brian, allowed Williams to read Fawcett’s personal papers. From these diaries and letters, Williams determined that Fawcett intended to begin his own religious commune that would worship his son, Jack.

Jack the Sun King reminds me of Apocalypse Now or the latest headlines…mindlines of the new French Sun King the new Napoleon Bone apart who is married to his mother the MA CRONE…..he was a 15-year-old schoolboy and she was his 40-year-old married, mother-of-three teacher….Mama Mia…sounds like the reverse of Mason and Mirren.

The number seven is related to both sides of Eve … on one side we have Sophia, Wisdom the Holy Spirit, the Seven Sisters which have S eve n aspects….and on the other the seven headed sea serpent Hydra and both are linked to seven oceans seven kingdoms under the sea and seven heavens…taken from the Seven Tablets of Creation.

The Sun-god is seated on a throne within a pavilion holding in one hand a disk and bar which (like in Egyptian) may symbolize eternity. Above his head are the three symbols of the Moon, the Sun, and the planet Venus.


On a stand in front of the pavilion rests the disk of the Sun, which is held in position by ropes grasped in the hands of two divine beings who are supported by the roof of the pavilion. The pavilion of the Sun-god stands on the Celestial Ocean, and the four small disks indicate either the four cardinal points or the tops of the pillars of the heavens. The three figures in front of the disk represent the high priest of Shamash, the king (Nabu-aplu-iddina, about 870 B.C.) and an attendant goddess. 

The Seven Babylonian Tablets of Creation

Ma crone was born on Dec 21st 77 as on the Winter Sol stice that’s the Sun King of the World right there.


The myth of Isis and Osiris contains exactly the same theme as that of Isis resurrecting her dead husband in a new incarnation/regeneration as a son and having sex with him…Whore US.

King Jupiter

“You are the heir of François Hollande,” scoffed nationalist rival Marine Le Pen during their head-to-head election debate. “We now call you Baby Hollande; Hollande Junior!”

She added that, whatever the outcome of the election, “France will be led by a woman: either me or Mrs. Angel a Mer k hell.” or Angel in a Pit

Tomb Raider or Cradle Snatcher

Mind the (age) gap

The former Italian prime minister, who developed a reputation for diplomatic blunders during his years in power, joked on Monday that Mr Ma crone was a “39-year-old lad, with good work experience under him and most of all with a good looking mom who has carried him under her arm when he was still a child”.

EMManuel and the Mummy


It’s not as out of left field as it sounds. Fawcett’s older brother, Edward Douglas Fawcett, was a writer and proponent of theosophy, which is a considered an occultist approach to spiritual ecstasy and connection to a god. Interest in theosophy peaked in the early 1900s, just as Fawcett was introduced to new ways of life in South America.

More than 13 separate expeditions have so far failed to discover what happened to Fawcett in the darkest Amazonian jungle and 100 people have died in the attempt. Only eight years ago a group following his footsteps into the Maato Grasso region had to be rescued after they were held hostage by Kali polo holo tribesmen and put in fear of their lives. But the veil is at last lifting.

After visiting this remote jungle, then gaining permission to search through Fawcett’s correspondence for the first time, theatre and television director Misha Williams now believes the other expeditions have all been travelling in the wrong direction and looking for the wrong things.

maxresdefault (25)

Fawcett, he claims, hoped to follow what he privately described to friends and family as ‘the Grand Scheme’. He wanted to set up a secret community which would be based on a mixture of unusual beliefs involving both the worship of his own son, Jack, and the tenets of the then-fashionable credo of theosophy.

‘I can now show that there were scores of associates who were planning to go out and join Fawcett to live in a new, freer way,‘ said Williams, who has become a confidant of Fawcett’s descendants. He has also uncovered a drawing of a beguiling and ageless ‘sith’ or female ‘spirit guide’ who he suspects is near the heart of the mystery. Appearing only to the Fawcett family and to those who try to track the expedition’s path, the erotic siren draws white men into the jungle.

A sith or in Ireland a SIDHE pronounced as SHEE as in Mer shee as opposed to Banshee a female spirit guide who is eternally young and who lives in a lost city

a bit like King Arthur’s Lady in the Lake.

The Lady of the Lake was the foster-mother of Sir Lancelot and raised him beneath the murky waters of her Lake. She is, however, best known for her presentation to King Arthur of his magical sword Excalibur, through the intervention of the King’s druidic advisor, Merlin (Myrddin) who was constantly worried that his monarch would fall in battle.

Merlin had met the Lady at the Fountain of Barenton (Brittany) and fallen so deeply in love with her that he agreed to teach her all his mystical powers. The lady became Merlin’s scribe, who recorded his prophecies, as well as his lover.

Mirwren and Merlin

Unfortunately however, over the years, the Lady became so powerful that her magical skills outshone even her teacher and she imprisoned him in a Glass Tower (or a Crystal Palace). To some extent she stepped into Merlin’s role at King Arthur’s side, but the old man’s removal contributed considerably to the great monarch’s downfall.

The Lady of the Lake was eventually obliged to reclaim her sword when Arthur was fatally wounded at the Battle of Camlann and Excalibur was hurled back to misty waters. She was later one of the three Queens who escorted the King to Avalon.


Helen Mirren played the role of Morgana the ice maiden in 1981 trapping Merlin inside ice crystals but he escaped when Arthur needed him most.

The Lady of the Lake is usually referred to by various spellings of the names Nimue or ViVienne. Nimue is thought to be related to Mneme, the shortened form of Mnemosyne, one of the nine water-nymph Muses of Roman and Greek Mythology who gave weapons, not unlike Arthur’s sword, to the heroic Perseus.


Vivienne betrays the Lady’s Celtic form, for “Vi-Vianna” probably derives from “Co-Vianna”, a variant of the widespread Celtic water-goddess, Coventina. Remembering Latin pronunciation, this name probably relates to Merlin’s original partner in early poetry, his wife Gwendoloena. Thus Gw-end(-ol)-oena = Cov-ent-ina. There have also been attempts to show Vivienne as a corrupt form of Diana or Rhiannon.


Water deities were extremely popular with Celtic Society for they controlled the essential essence of life itself. The spontaneous movement of springs, rivers and lakes clearly showed the supernatural powers of the goddesses who lived within; and offerings at such aquatic features were commonplace, especially of weapons and other valuables. The practice continues today at wishing wells across the country, and the Lady of the Lake is remembered as “Lady Luck”.


Her names clearly reveal this Lady to have been the Celtic Water-Goddess Coventina (presumably identified by the Romans with their Mnemosyne). This lady was worshipped throughout the Western Roman Empire, in Britain, the Narbonne area of Gaul and North-Western Iberia too.

She is most celebrated for her shrine at Brocolitia (Carrawburgh) on Hadrian’s Wall. Here, a quadrangular temple surrounded a central pool fed by a sacred spring. Coin, jewellery and small bronze figurine offerings have been excavated as well as numerous altars dedicated by the local soldiers.

Heroine Temple of Mythrass

Since the Lady of the Lake’s place as Merlin’s student and lover was largely overtaken by Morgan Le Fay, a lady whose very name in Breton indicates a water-nymph, it seems that the two were aspects of the same character. Indeed, as both appear among the three queens who escort Arthur to Avalon, she no doubt had a third aspect making up the well-known theme of a Celtic Triple-Goddess.


Avalon (Eve alone) was an island surrounded by fog exactly as depicted in the recent movie “Wonder Woman” as the home of the Amazons who were created to protect man from the god of war.

Wonder Woman’s name is Diana Prince or Princess Diana. Diana Prince was originally the name of a U.S. Army nurse during World War II who provided the primary alias for Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) of the Amazons.


Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston introduced what he first called Paradise Island in 1941 and since then, many have attempted to pin down the exact location of the enchanted land. During three-quarters of a century, Themyscira has jumped from the Aegean Sea, to the Bermuda Triangle, and even relocated off the coast of California.

Paradise Island

The concept for Wonder Woman actually began at home after it was suggested to Marston that he ought to create a superhero to explore the unfulfilled potential of comics he had written about in Family Circle magazine. Marston’s wife Elizabeth encouraged him to make the character a woman. His relationship with Elizabeth and their shared lover Olive Byrne continued to strongly influence themes of feminism, domination, and love in the earliest stories.

Shell Sea Batman

It was during this time that Wonder Woman was revealed to have been given her powers as blessings from the Greek gods. Her special abilities were tied into specific deities much like those of Captain Marvel. She was also given a sister in the form of Nubia, another daughter crafted by Hippolyta from “dark clay” who has long since disappeared from modern canon.

Black Stone Aphrodite

The Many Faces of Eve

Olive Byrne and William Marston met in 1925 while she was a senior attending Tufts University. He was her psychology professor, and she soon became his research assistant, even taking him to her sorority to do some of his research.

She was instrumental in introducing him to the world of sorority baby parties (in which freshmen girls are required to dress like babies, and are treated like children, at which he performed some of his experiments on human reactions to power.

Paradoxically Olive Byrne was the daughter of Ethel Byrne, who famously opened the first birth-control clinic in the United States with her sister Margaret S anger.

On the island of the Amazons there are all young women as they are all frozen in time so never age….and of course no childbirths as there are no men.

This of course is personal to me as I fell in love with the Island of Cyprus back in the 80’s so I decided to go back and live there for a year.  It is the birthplace of the goddess Venus/Aphrodite and I stood on her beach where she first appeared in Greek mythology…Ghost in the Shell.

Birth of Venus

Ursula Andress (She) was also famous for making her first appearance on an island beach to another British spy…. nice she lls.


and Helen Mirren was a Masons Muse or Captain Nemo’s (M nemo syne)  who went naked on the beach with her trident in 69 in the appropriately named Age of Consent.


Splash the Merrin MerMaid

Mirren plays Cora, a breathtakingly beautiful Queenslander who lives on Dunk Island.

and Captain Ne(m)o on the Naughty lis t…….. N or Z spy ing with his tele/periscope

Stories of Lost Islands and Cities have been around for awhile they are always depicted as places frozen in time where strange and mythical creatures live…. a Wonderland… a Land of O Z or Nod…a land of dreams.

Many believe this world is not real … an illusion…dreams within dreams……..

In returning to Fawcett his story was the catalyst for some of these tales…Ladies and lords in English society felt like they were in the middle of the jungle, going eye-to-eye with a jagaurundi, when Fawcett told his tales. His passion was so captivating in fact, that his good friend Arthur Conan Doyle riffed from Fawcett’s descriptions to set the stage for a little book called, The Lost World.

Percy Fawcett was born in England in 1867. He served as a military officer in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and a British spy in Morocco. Finding military life and espionage tedious, he took up studies in archeology, geography, and surveying and mapmaking. The era of great European “discovery” was over, but massive swathes of the world had yet to be mapped.

Moving on the floor now babe you’re a bird of paradise
Cherry ice cream smile I suppose it’s very nice
With a step to your left and a flick to the right you catch that mirror way out west
You know you’re something special and you look like you’re the best

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand
Just like that river twisting through a dusty land
And when she shines she really shows you all she can
Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande

I’ve seen you on the beach and I’ve seen you on TV (Goddess Media)
Two of a billion stars it means so much to me
Like a birthday or a pretty view
But then I’m sure that you know it’s just for you

Mapping the lost (dream) world…. the A mazeon. On Friday my last lesson was on 3D Mapping.

Although the term projection mapping is relatively new, the technique dates back to the late 1960s, where it was referred to as video mapping, spatial augmented reality, or shader lamps. One of the first public displays of projections onto 3D objects was debuted in 1969, when Disneyland opened their Haunted Mansion ride. The ride used fake disembodied heads as objects which had 16mm film projected onto them to make them appear animated.

The next record of projection mapping is from 1980, when installation artist Michael Naimark filmed people interacting with objects in a living room and then projected it in the room, creating illusions as if the people interacting with the objects were really there.

The first time the concept of projection mapping was investigated academically was at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the late 1990s, where scholars worked on a project called Office of the Future to connect offices from different locations by projecting people into the office space as if they were really there

Mapping the Illusion

Fawcett ‘s first big break came in 1906 with an opportunity to survey and map the Bolivian and Brazilian border region. The area is deep on the western front of the Amazon jungle, and Fawcett proved adept at navigating the challenges of the landscape and its inhabitants.


After centuries of Imperialism, indigenous people were still treated as “savages.” Fawcett disagreed with this disrespectful approach on both humanistic and strategic grounds. To his credit, he behaved with respect and humble courtesy when he encountered tribes in the jungle. He learned to bring gifts to honor the elders and to ensure safe passage through hostile territories.

His social skills undoubtedly helped him successfully execute seven, Amazonian expeditions between 1906 and 1924

Another Mystery for Sherlock to Solve

Definition of Faucet:  a device that controls the flow of liquid, especially water, from a pipe

So what happened to King Arthur or PerciVal did he find what he was looking for? Did he find his Camelot…his El Dorado? and if he did why did he not come back for his wife and the rest of the Family Circle.

Or was he tricked and deceived by the Artificial Ice Lady and trapped like Merlin inside a crystal palace.

This mirrors my own adventure on the island paradise of Herm es where I drank in the Mermaid Tavern and had to travel back to Pier 17 on the Trident and outrun the storm.


This theme of the transgender god/ess  sleeping with mortals to produce hybrid offspring or demigods is repeated throughout history. Alexander the Great another sun king had a mother Olympiass who was said to have slept with Zeus and Serpents maybe thats why In Diana doesn’t like snakes.


Desssperate Housewive

and she wanted to put her son on the sun king throne Angelina Jo lie played her in the awful biopic

just like Merovee

According to another legend, Merovech was conceived when Pharamond’s wife encountered a Quinotaur, a sea monster which could change shapes while swimming. Though never stated, it is implied that she was impregnated by it.

This legend was related by Fredegar in the seventh century, and may have been known earlier. The legend is probably a back-formation or folk etymology used to explain the Salian Franks’ origin as a sea coast dwelling people, and based on the name itself. The “Mero-” or “Mer-” element in the name suggests a sea or ocean (see Old English “mere,” Latin “mare,” or even the Modern English word “mermaid,” etc.).

Merovee or Mary of the V She  Sea  Shell and In Diana loves Maid Marion.

The legend about Merovech’s conception was adapted in 1982 by authors Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh in their book Holy Blood Holy Grail, as the seed of a new idea. They hypothesized that this “descended from a fish” legend was actually referring to the concept that the Merovingian line had married into the bloodline of Jesus Christ, since the symbol for early Christians had also been a fish.

This theory, with no other basis than Lincoln and Leigh’s concoction, was further popularized in 2003 via Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code….or In Diana DNA Code.


The “Salian” in “Salian Franks” may be a reference to salt, a reminder of their pre-migration home on the shores of the North Sea (alternatively, it may refer to the Isala or IJssel river behind which their homeland, the Salland, may have been located). The legend could also be explained in a much easier way. The sea monster could have been a foreign conqueror, coming from the sea, taking the dead king’s(Chlodio or Pharamonds) wife to legitimise his rule.

angelina-jolie-salt-movie poster

The Alien Franks

This is all personal to me as well as the Franks as I was born near the sea and a Cave Hill in a place called Fairy Knowe.


When we were children we had night mares or night terrors of creatures chasing us and trapping us underground. We also had dead female relatives come to visit us both when awake and when sleeping. In addition my Father comes from a long line of seamen…salty dogs….who fought in the navy in endless wars.

Are we living inside the Crystal Palace … the Hall of Mirrors … are we spellbound by the Faerie Queen?


and is it a Game of Thrones.

This sign in my local arcadia is placed there to reveal the truth of our/my situation.


The alarm bell is ringing Dr Y Bones Wake Up Now.

10 thoughts on “The Lost City of Z

  1. Ivan

    Good morning. Initial thoughts a few minutes after reading article.

    The Holy Blood and Holy Grail came up for me last summer when I went to a family party and came out saying ‘I’ve just met Mary Magdalene’. As you do ! But was connected to the south of France.

    In a synch way, part of my History A Level was the Merovingians and Carolingians. I remember using that bit about the Quinotaur in an essay. But your article has reminded me that the teacher put a big question mark against the Quinotaur. Maybe the question mark is now relevant.

    And Fawcett in the article reminds me of Kurtz in Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now.

    And JP who occasionally comments on Merovee wrote an article about Macron and Jupiter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Frank as per usual this was not the original post that I intended to write it took a different twist and turn.

      This week for me has been about the journey to the New World with retracing the steps of the Mayflower Pilgrims on August 15th 1620…… they were seeking freedom……to escape the old world

      8:15 is also the big bang the destruction of the old world and time freezing..I ended up in Ocean Village via Neptune Way

      and today I am teaching about the Middle Passage of the African Slaves the same journey east to west but slightly different conditions

      and another tower collapses near VesuViUS as the old world/dream crumbles and fades as in Inception

      and Leonardo the sun king of the world

      or the mirror twin prisoner


  2. And another thought struck me about The Mayflower was that the Emma Watson character in The Circle was called Mae.

    And just about to look up exactly a Quinotaur is. My history teacher told me to 🙂 . His name was Ted Maidment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Frank you should always listen to your history teacher 🙂 and May is syncing with me at the min also along with Exit her

      and today I travelled a long way to St John St past John Stone and Alexandria to my interview. I had to teach for an hour and a half to 33 boys and was sweating like a wildebeest with the heat and the planets must have aligned as I taught a good lesson and got the job. 🙂

      It is one of the best schools in the country…. no bad behaviour so I am a happy chappy tonight.

      I am off to another island Ma lta next weekend for a moonth for a family reunion and I have planned a trip underground…

      so if I don’t return I have named you as executor of my vasst estate 🙂


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