Fly the Coop Through the Hoop


Thanks to Hugo (its all his fault) for this particular murky sync hole.

In this latest inane rambling of a post I thought I would delve into the name I have chosen for this blog as nothing we do happens by accident. The name Cooper is firstly linked to wings as with the emblem for the car named the Mini Cooper.


The above image depicts two sets of wings.The wreath in the middle is also known as a crown and symbolises graduation and enlightenment.

In some countries the laurel wreath is used as a symbol of the master’s degree. The wreath is given to young masters at the university graduation ceremony. The word “laureate” in ‘poet laureate’ refers to the laurel wreath. The medieval Florentine poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri, a graduate of the Sicilian School, is often represented in paintings and sculpture wearing a laurel wreath.

In Italy, the term laureato is used in to refer to any student who has graduated. Right after the graduation ceremony, or laurea in Italian, the student receives a laurel wreath to wear for the rest of the day. This tradition originated at the University of Padua and has spread in the last two centuries to all Italian universities.

Laurel Wreath

It was also a symbol for victory and triumph. (Linking us back to Victoria)

Trump Triumphant Seven Nation Army



Roman Crowns and Wreaths – Triumphs
There were several different types of crowns and wreaths that were bestowed when a great Roman was awarded a Triumph. A Triumph was recognized as the summit of military glory, and was the cherished object of ambition to every Roman general and displayed during his parade.


Corona Triumphalis (laurea insignis and insignis corona triumphalis) was made with laurel or bay leaves and the most honourable of triumphal awards. This crown was worn on the head. Another type of crown was also conferred to a victorious general which was made of gold and often adorned with jewels. This crown, or wreath, was held over the head of the general during his triumph, by a public officer as it was too large to be worn.

Golden Crown

The laurel wreath or golden crown also looks like golden wings.


Cooper and wings appear also in the sporting world. D Cooper as in David was one of Scotlands most talented of footballers and he played on the wing.

Cooper later attended St. John’s Grammar School (now Hamilton Grammar School).His first league goal for Rangers came against St Mirren at Love Street on 17 September 1977 in a 3–3 draw. His last appearance came almost exactly eleven years later, also against St Mirren his shirt number was also number 11. Cooper also played for Mother well and earned 22 caps for ScotlandCooper played against his Rangers team arch rivals Celtic also known as the Hoops.

Cooper suffered a brain haemorrhage 22 years ago on 22 March 1995 at Broadwood Stadium where he and former Celtic, Arsenal, Aberdeen and Scotland player Charlie Nichol ass, alongside Tommy Craig, were recording a coaching film for youngsters called ‘Shoot’ for Scottish Television. Cooper, who was 39 years old, died in hospital the next day.

This is all very personal to me as I was present during some of the games D Cooper played in. The town of Paisley in Scotland is one of the places I used to work.

The football team is named after an Irish saint and their ground was called Love St where Cooper scored his first goal and made his last appearance for Rangers. St Mirren’s feast is the 15th Sept however some older sources claim it was the 17th Sept.


In returning to the Mini Cooper car the start button is a target with the bullseye shaped as a loveheart.


Cooper is also linked to  John, in the film Love the Coopers the father was played by John Goodman….and John Cooper Works (JCW) is a British-based company founded in 2000 by Michael Cooper, son of John Cooper, the racing car maker and tuner responsible for the original Mini Cooper. JCW produces tuning parts and accessories for BMW’s new Mini.


Formally incorporated in January 2002, BMW acquired the rights to the name in January 2007 and bought out the company in 2008.


Again this is personal to me as my name means John and Hugo who inspired me to write this post his real name is also related to John, over at Blade and Chalice he commented:

Which is why I’m not at all surprised to see TTN pop up to write about Cooper (re: Interstellar and “the problem is gravity”). That too is a joke. Cooper’s daughter. The younger version. The “Mini Cooper”. Remind me to tell you the joke about the Transit Van sometime. That one came straight from the Son of the Old Don. He had a hankering for a Mini Cooper and told me how keen he was to get his hands on one and ‘give her a good caning’.

More about Cane later.

John Cooper Works

Hugo mentioned a Triumph Bonneville the motorcycle that is and Life on Mars

Bonneville Triumphant

I met the actor Hugh Bonneville at a showing of A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Globe Theatre in London he was wearing his Indiana Jones Bonnekickers outfit.


Bonekickers was a fictional BBC television series about a bunch of archeologists solving the mysteries of the past.


Bonneville means ‘good settlement’ and for the past seven years I have been getting the message ‘Build it and They Will Come ‘.

Cooper is also associated with building a new society

Jo Bell’s poem about Cooper’s vision of a new building society or building a new society reads:

Help each other and we all get up the DNA ladder we all have a share we all get a vote we are all in the same boat stand together and build. A nation of helpers a nation of houses with hopers inside, the currency of kindness nationwide.

The music in the above video is entitled Nimrod and according to ancient sources he helped to build the Tower of B abel which reached to the stars….a stairway or a ladder to heaven…

Mr Coopers Co-operative


and recently in the US A

While it is unknown at this time if the Mr. Cooper brand will completely replace Nationstar and/or its subsidiary brands, including Champion Mortgage, Greenlight Loans, and Xome, the launch of the Mr. Cooper brand is coming, and apparently coming soon.

The name and logo for Mr. Cooper is also now widely visible, in large and vibrant visuals, at the company’s Cypress Waters office location in Coppell, Texas.

Building an Alien Nation

It is all about Family it is all about US we are all connected…us aliens that is. However we need the return of the Seven Sisters to give us Liberty and set us free from the selfish ego, the guilt and the pain of the passt.

Only then can we become One sharing everything pooling our resources and talents into a common more debt…no more poverty…no more struggling to get by… more being alone.

The movie Interstellar which featured Cooper was about an exodus from earth by going through a blackhole/wormhole. The movie was also about time and featured this special watch:

Since 1951 Hamilton’s distinctive watches have caught the attention of the world’s leading screen stylists. Hamilton has been featured in over 400 films, using it’s watchmaking knowledge to help movie makers create the perfect watches for their characters.

In November 2014, Hamilton returned to the big screen in the Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures movie “INTERSTELLAR”, directed by Christopher Nolan.

Time plays a critical role in the film “INTERSTELLAR”. Hamilton worked hand in hand with the production team to design a UNIQUE Hamilton timepiece for the character Murph (played by Mackenzie Foy and Jessica Chastain), and provided the Khaki Pilot Day Date to outfit Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey).


Hamilton Watch

Now Hamilton was the town that the footballer David Cooper was born in and where he went to St Johns school. It is also the town where I first lived upon moving to Scotland from Ireland. Hamilton in Old English means ‘bare hill’ or maybe ‘bare bum’ would be more accurate.

The Hamilton clan motto is ‘Through’ after Sir William Hamilton whom whilst fleeing from the kings men felled an oak tree to enable him to cross a river he yelled ‘through’ to his men and they made their escape.

Clan Hamilton


Through the Wormhole/Bumhole or the Love Heart the coat of arms for the Irish Hamiltons is:


In order to travel through the wormhole you need a set of wings as every time a Jo Bell rings an angel get its wings.


Mini is short for Miniature and its origin is late 16th century: from Italian miniatura, via medieval Latin from Latin miniare ‘rubricate, illuminate’, from minium ‘red lead, vermilion’ (used to mark particular words in manuscripts).

As Hugo pointed out Cooper (McConaughy) also appeared in the movie Contact the strapline being ‘a journey to the heart of the universe’.


Michael Caine is also linked to Cooper as he appeared  in Interstellar and is most famous for his iconic movie The Italian Job which is synonymous with the Mini Cooper.


Actor Peter Sellers loved his custom 1963 Hooper-bodied Morris Mini so much he arranged to have it “cloned” by coachbuilders Radford for use in the 1964 film A Shot in the Dark.

Cult classic sci-fi/spy-fi series The Prisoner ran for just 17 episodes; its original British TV run beginning in September of 1967 and ending on February 1st of 1968. The show was set in “The Village”, a surreal & ultra-secure community serviced by Mini Moke taxis.


In Living In Harmony, the Prisoner finds himself in the Wild West (WestWorld). At the end of the episode it is revealed that the town is just a set not far from the Village itself. Number 2 jumps in a taxi and is driven to the set. The sight of a mini moke in a Western town is a bizarre one indeed! The Prisoner ended with the song Dry Bones.

It also appeared in the Beatles movie The Magical Mystery Tour.

According to Mini, Harrison’s original Mini Cooper S was a gift from Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who gave each of the four members of the band one of the cars. Other sources claim that his Mini was the first place he and his friends took LSD in the 1960s after a ‘friend’ slipped it in their tea without telling them.

Coopers Magical Mystery Tour

Mini Coopers popped up again in Austin Powers GoldMember…Mini Me..


and finally in New Zealands most iconic film Goodbye Pork Pie linking us with Ham ilton again.


The Mini Cooper in Movies

Why did Cooper become personal to me? I chose it when I was going through my cowboy phase in relation to the actor Gary Cooper and also partly to Dr Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

Gary Cooper is associated with West and Wings and signed his name GAY on autographs.


Cooper West

Now that should give most of you a chuckle as my mantra is Go West which is another term for being gay. The actor who plays Shiny Sheldon is also gay aaargh.

However can I just clarify that I (as with Gary Cooper) am into women not men butt the message the Program has on a loop is butt sex with a woman is the forbidden gateway to enlightenment, time travel and other dimensions.  Butt watch out as its apparently all about timing and knowing when to get the big gun out.


BTW Gary Cooper was born Frank Cooper and had an insatiable appetite for women. 😈

The Divine Devil

So what does all this mean is the Program just a teenage boy or girl making crude sex jokes or is it a reflection of US a constant stream of consciousness… are we creating the head lines from our mind lines? Does the kingdom of God lie deep within? Should we push the butt on when we get the green light…going up….or down…

I have played the above video many times before but you should pay attention to the numbers and the lyrics. The song appears in the movie About Time and the track is 3.37 mins long.

I’m busy showing him what he’s been missing
I’m kind of showing off for his full attention
My sexy ass has got him in the new dimension
I’m ready to do something to relieve this mission

After waiting patiently for him to come and get it
He came on through and asked me if I wanted to get with him
I knew I had my mind made up from the very beginning
Won’t miss this opportunity so you and me could feel it ’cause

If you’re ready for me boy
You’d better push the button and let me know
Before I get the wrong idea and go
You’re gonna miss the freak that I control



The only  Way we are going to even begin to understand what is going on is to come together (excuse the pun)  as a team to work it out and with a little luck we will.

There is no end to what we can do together. …to infinity and beyond.

20 thoughts on “Fly the Coop Through the Hoop

  1. Frank as soon as I wrote this at the weekend I went for a walk and immediately was surrounded by Mini Coopers I lost count after 16 and this morning going to work I had one directly in front and one behind me the entire journey.


  2. TTN you’ve got a knack for thoroughly threading the syncing needle!
    And Coppell, Texas…interesting. Looks like you’ve got the cross-stitch down too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could dig down even deeper 🙂

      Jenny and dont forget Austin which is linked to gold Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au (from Latin: aurum). Chemically, gold is a transition metal and a group 11 element.
      and Tin is a chemical element with symbol Sn and atomic number 50. It is a post-transition metal in group 14 of the periodic table. It is obtained chiefly from the mineral c ass iterite, which contains tin dioxide, SnO₂.

      Copper comes from the Latin word cuprum, meaning “from the island of Cyprus.” Copper is man’s oldest metal, dating back more than 10,000 years. A copper pendant discovered in what is now northern Iraq has been dated to about 8,700 B.C. The Egyptians used the ankh symbol to denote copper in their system of hieroglyphs. My surname is also a metal on the periodic table.

      As you know I lived in Cyprus and went back for a visit in the summerI I have written about Aphrodite and her beach over at the old lab. The Ankh symbol represents Sankhtuary and Cu also stands for CUlt (some have acCUsed me of trying to start one)

      And the world the world turns around
      And the world and the world the world drags me down

      The fire in your eyes keeps me alive
      And the fire in your eyes keeps me alive
      Inside her you’ll find sanctuary
      Inside her you’ll find sanctuary

      Cooper (MM) has played in a few films about Gold and even more about Texas…

      and this one even features another Cooper

      the Sherrif of Rio County……in the Deep South

      but me I just want to build a new state….a united state.. not a dream state but a free state of Dr Jones (Dr Y Bones) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m finding it increasingly hard to view The Program as anything more than a wild goose chase. Last night Roob sent me something that led me back to one of my posts from last year. It’s titled “The Seven Sisters”

    I re-read it, got really angry, and told The Program that I’m sick of jumping through its hoops just to jump through more of its hoops. At that point, I noticed I’d written “echoes comments left on my last-but-one post”. So, I jump back to my last-but-one post (Crack in the Wall) and realised Roob had posted a link to your post. Without realising it, I really was echoing a comment.

    My latest post (Source of Inspiration) also refers to Interstellar (Brand and Miller) and obviously the ‘Miller’ aspect relates to the hoop and the basketball. The Program is suggesting that this is meaningful in some way. I’m not sure I give a shit anymore.

    If The Program was a person and it materialised in front of me right now I wouldn’t say a word to it. I’d just pick up something suitably blunt and heavy and beat it to fucking death.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get the frustration I went through that period last summer when I felt like a puppet on a string I thought at one point I was going to lose my mind…a lot of the crazy stuff that has happened to me has been pretty nasty…I hate this program/world system and everything it stands for..

      I also unplugged myself from the internet for awhile… I still only try and come online for short periods at a time

      The Seven Sisters has been with me since 2010 when the whole Sanctuary thing first kicked off I think on one level its to do with DNA strands/stairs…twistairs

      the good thing is we all see it (this world) from a different angle/viewpoint acording to our backgrounds but that can also be a hindrance as it blinds us to the bigger picture.

      All I am saying is we might make more progress by working together although we might still end up back at the beginning. 🙂

      However maybe as you say you can’t be arsed chasing shadows anymore and I totally understand that.


      1. Here’s the ‘issue’ TTN: when you know how The Program works you realise that everything you discover that might conceivably be contrued as ‘significant’ or representative of a ‘truth’ when looked at from one perspective is also a joke when viewed from another. So what’s the point? How do we distinguish what might be ‘relevant’ from what might be ‘irrelevant’ when the ‘relevant’ is, so to speak, ‘irreverent’ and thus impossible to accept at face value? The message is always the same: keep looking, keep ‘seeking’, but does that really amount to anything more than playing The Program’s never-ending (and totally fucking tedious) game? As I said to someone recently, I feel like I’ve been locked inside an auditorium and forced to listen to the same comedian tell the same jokes over and over again. I’m tired of it.


    1. Good catch Roob and PwC, formerly known as Price Waterhouse COOPERS, is the accounting firm that counts votes and provides winner envelopes for the Oscars and has done so for more than 80 years.


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