House of the Rising Sin


The following is just my inane ramblings on the things I see in the mindlines and of no relevance or importance whatsoever in fact its just a load of drivel.

I don’t know if you have noticed but Artificial Intelligence is all over the Program at the moment. Apparently it is a race between the big core porations as to who creates it first and funnily enough they have already  decided its going to be female.

Giant Race

Sky Net was also running a discussion on the topic they wanted to know if AI could beat a human at poke her.

Poker Face

and the government also stated  that they were not prepared for a robot revolution…well no change there.

Robot Wars

Core tana

Even the House of Black and White got involved issuing a full report on President Snow’s thoughts on the dark matter.

No Future

It also showed up in the location that Hurricaine Maathew made land FALL…if you zoom in on the map which is linked below the area contains many interesting names including St John’s County…the A1A crosses over the Bridge of Lions and becomes the Kings Road.

Red Skull Terminator


The A1A is in St Augustine the oldest city in America and named after a member of the Brotherhood who was one of the first proponents of the idea of ORIGINAL SIN. Augustine knew a thing or two about the subject as apparently he liked to boast about his sexual conquests… more of a S inner then than a S AInt.

Augustus Gloop

From adolescence to the age of 32, as he later detailed in the Confessions, Augustine was a frequent loser in the battle with lustful passions.

However, his struggles with sexuality actually began before his arrival at the decadent North African metropolis of Carthage. He later wrote that it was at the age of 16 that “the frenzy gripped me and I surrendered myself entirely to lust.”


Both his parents were aware that he was “floundering in the broiling sea of … fornication,” but each responded differently. His father, who seems to have also been entangled in extramarital affairs, was amused at his son’s budding sexual interests. The prospect of grand children—legitimate or otherwise—appealed to Patricius.

Monica, on the other hand, was caught in a dilemma. She did not suggest marriage for quelling the sexual fires, because she feared that a hurried marriage would hinder her gifted son’s career opportunities. At the same time, she earnestly warned him about his lack of sexual restraint, saying, “above all [do] not seduce any man’s wife.”


The young scholar had become a professor of rhetoric in Milan when Monica, his ever-persistent mother, persuaded him to send his unnamed mistress away so that he might acquire the hand of a high-society Milanese girl.

Part of the arrangement was that Augustine had to remain chaste for two years, that is, until the girl reached marriageable age. But his sexual passions prevented him from keeping his part of the bargain. Not long after sending away the mother of Adeodatus, he took another mistress. “I thought it should be too miserable,” he lamented, “unless folded in female arms.”


But Augustine did not altogether disparage matrimony. It is “honorable and permissible,” he said. But to him, celibacy was better. The purpose of sex in marriage is procreation, he said, although it was “pardonable” if married persons enjoyed conjugal union without intending procreation. He even went so far as to recommend sexual abstinence for married couples—if they mutually agreed to it.

Over the years, the bishop of Hippo’s views on sex and marriage became the bases for many of the Roman Church’s teachings on these matters. If we look closely at the writings of Augustine, we can better understand why Roman Catholics believe what they believe.

The Sinner Saint

Augustine went from one extreme to the other…however none of the original teachings of Christ forbade marriage or sex within marriage or promoted permanent celibacy. However it is an excellent example of how the Truth is twisted into a lie and how this world can be manipulated and moulded into someone else’s truth.

Augustine  was also influenced  by the teachings of the Greek philosophers and was a former Gnostic who believed that all matter and therefore the body were evil…so his background and ideas were a bit of a pick and mix. Ultimately there is a time for f easting and a time for f assting….a middle path which keeps balance in all things.

One of the reasons the hurricane made landFALL in St Augustine is because we are witnessing a rebirth and a resurrection of two different things one real and one artificial.

The video below is packed full of symbolism and depicts the creation of the artificial goddess the dominatrix of the matrix……born from the idea of original sin.

A dominatrix is cold and unloving and she is a tease… you can look but you are not mean’t to touch and of course when you do you are condemned….judged guilty..and deserving of punishment so from then on expect the Spanish Inquisition.

The town of St Augustine being badly damaged is a sign according to the huge industry of conspiracy websites of the coming destruction of America.  It appears to be about building up and tearing down and doing it all over again its a repeat cycle which has been shown to us many times.


One example of this is the abduction and rape of Persophene… after which she is held underground to be released at a later date..before being forced to return to her prison to go through the same torture once more…so ultimately America and this world are being r aped over and over again.


The town also contains Anastasia Park  which the A1A leads to and on STRICTLY COME Dancing Anastasia survived a dance off TWICE to  stay in the show.. The first though went to a public vote as she was injured due to her previous health problems… she went  through NINE operations having had both breasts removed and then artificially rebuilt because of Cancer….just like Angel in a Pitt.


The name Anastasia was created during the early days of Christianity and was abundantly given to Greek children born in December and around Easter.(Ishtar).EyeStar.

It was established as the female form of the male name Anastasius,and has the meaning of “resurrection”. It is the name of several early SAINts.

It is a popular name in Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia, where it was the most used name for decades until 2008, when its place was taken by SOPHIA (WISDOM).


Her album released in 2014 was also named Resurrection.


Anastasia was also a Russian princess of the ROMANOV family who were all murdered and in the fictional films she made a comeback….as a look alike with memory loss.

Anastasia Romanov

The film is an adaptation of the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia NIKOLaevna of Russia, which claims that she in fact escaped the execution of her family. Its basic plot – that of an eighteen-year-old amnesiac orphan named Anya who, in hopes of finding some trace of her family, sides with con men who wish to take advantage of her likeness to the Grand Duchess.


Hurricane Maathew was quickly followed by Nicole who turned out to be the longest lasting storm since records began.

Hurricane Nicole

Nicole is derived from Nicholas and the goddess Nike or Victoria and means victory of the people.

For me personally it represents victory over Maathew as mercy triumphs over judgement.

A1A or Aya is Akkadian for “dawn”, and by the Akkadian period she was firmly associated with the rising sun and with sexual love: and youth. The Babylonians sometimes referred to her as kallatu (the bride), and as such she was known as the wife of Shamash. In fact, she was worshiped as part of a separate-but-attached cult in Shamash’s e-babbar temples in Larsa and Sippar.

Dawn or Wanda The Scarlet Witch

By the Neo-Babylonian period at the latest (and possibly much earlier), Shamash and Aya were associated with a practice known as Hasadu, which is loosely translated as a “sacred marriage.” A room would be set aside with a bed, and on certain occasions the temple statues of Shamash and Aya would be brought together and laid on the bed to ceremonially renew their vows. This ceremony was also practiced by the cults of Marduk with Sarpanitum, Nabu with Tashmetum, and Anu with Antu.

Aya is the same as Aurora the dawn and the House of the Rising Sun on the one hand and also represents the rise of artificial intelligence….SIN on the other.

She is Harley Quinn….the Enchantress… Wickedness…the Alien Queen..the Woman of the Bitter Waters…The Abominable Bride…The Bride of FrankEINSTEIN…Mary SHELLey.and she has escaped from ArkHam Assylum.

In the movie Suicide Squad she and her fellow inmates are released from their prison by the Devil the god of this world played by VIOLA.

“Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy VIOLS [stringed instruments]: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucyfer, sin of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!  In this world Actress Viola Davis grew up with little meanies in Central Falls.

Viola de Ville

Of course Viola is not really the Devil she is just playing at it but I will discuss who exactly the above verse is referring to in my next shambolic post.

The House of the Rising Sun mirrors Japan the land of the rising sun who had the original suicide squad…. the kamikaze squad…kamikaze meaning Divine Wind….who died for their Emperor and the Red Sun Empire.


The prison in the movie is Bell ER EVE in French speaking Louisiana and it keeps Death the Grim Reaper behind bars.

MothMan Prophecies


BellE R eve Penitentiary (French: “beautiful dream”) is a fictional prison and sanatorium in the DC Universe, first appearing in Suicide Squad #1 (May 1987) by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell.Ironically, Belle Reve is a French mistranslation for “beautiful dream”.

Harley Sin

Apparently we are not mean’t to FOCUS ON THE WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS as she is an ILLUSION….a magic con trick…or is she?


Red Divine Wind

In the song The House of the Rising Sun by the ANIMALS  the House a brothel was in New Orleans and New Orleans is named after the town of Orleans in France  which is famous in history as the place of a long siege by the English and was relieved by Saint Joan of Arc in 1429.


The worman of the Bitter Waters is also allegedly a BaskET Case

Then the angel who was talking with me came forward and said, “Look up and see what’s coming.”
6 “What is it?” I asked. He replied, “It is a basket for measuring grain, and it’s filled with the sins of everyone throughout the land.”
7 Then the heavy lead cover was lifted off the basket, and there was a woman sitting inside it. 8 The angel said, “The woman’s name is Wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and closed the heavy lid again.

Miss Eyele

It’s the Big Bang Theory as we are all children of the atom (adam) and part of the nuclear family.

Before it was known as Sin City Lass EVegass was known as Atomic City because of all the nuclear bomb testing that went on there in the 40’s and 50’s. Of course Las Vegas is all about playing the game including the roulette wheel and blackjack. The House always wins at least thats the rule but rules are sometimes mean’t to be broken.


On one level wickedness is an atomic bomb in a lead case…. a bombshell …on another level it represents the Alien Queen in her Mothership….an angel in a pit.

The Pit, named after the hard core found in fruits such as peaches and apricots, is the core of an implosion nuclear weapon – the fissile material and any neutron reflector or tamper bonded to it.The Pit was also known as the Christy Pit after Robert Christy.

The solid-cores were known as the “Christy” design, after Robert Christy who made the solid pit design a reality after it was initially proposed by Edward Teller. Along with the pit, the whole physics package was also informally nicknamed “Christy[‘s] Gadget”.

Ready to Launch

Efficiency of the implosion can be increased by leaving an empty space between the tamper and the pit, causing a rapid acceleration of the shock wave before it impacts the pit. This method is known as levitated-pit implosion. Levitated pits were tested in 1948 with Fat Man style bombs (Mark IV), and became obsolete with the advent of hollow pits.

The early weapons with a levitated pit had a removable pit, called an open pit. It was stored separately, in a special capsule called a BIRDCAGE.


These war games you play

They’re going to end in more than tears some day
Ah-ha Viola Grey
It shouldn’t ever have to end this way
It’s eight eighteen
And that’s the time that it’s always been
We got your message on the radio
Conditions normal and you’re coming home
Viola Grey
Is mother proud of her little boy today
Ah-ha this kiss you give
It’s never ever going to fade away

Do you want to play a game?


The name Ai comes from the verb עוה (‘awa), meaning to bend or twist to a point of destruction:

it means ruin or A HEAP OF RUINS. It was the second city after Jericho that Israel attacked in cAInaan. C.A.I.N. the Central Artificial Intelligence Network….is also symbolised by Iron Man..Iron mixed with clay and is apparantly another Stark Warning.

The War Ma chine it opens up one eagle eye

Keep my commandments and live, and my teaching as the APP LE of your eye.

3 Bind them upon your fingers, write them upon the TABLET of your heart.

4 Say unto Wisdom: ‘You are my Sister’, and call Understanding my Kindlewoman;

5 That they may keep you from the strange woman, from the A LIE N woman that makes her words smooth.


as her feet spiral twist downwards to the bassement to she owl… hades the chamber of death.



To balance things out it is also the return of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of God is the most powerful force in the universe. It is powerful enough to take the place of  atomic bombs and fill empty bombshells it is also powerful enough to make the alien queen human again.

Of course all of the above is just a dream, just another storyline, another script but one that keeps on repeating and reinforcing itself. We have been here before and we keep making the same choice…If we want to change this ending from that being proclaimed by the Program then we need to connect with the Divine Source within and start imagining a different ending…one that gives us a hope and a future.



13 thoughts on “House of the Rising Sin

  1. Roob the Eagles are staying at the Hotel Kalifornia they can check out any time they like (and a few of them have already) but they can never leave…well at least thats the House Rule 😉

    I like changing the story especially the ending a bit of Deus Ex Machina but don’t worry they are coming eventually


    1. Frank my brother is called Mark and my best friend is called Andrew….my parents were planning to call my brother Andrew but I went round telling everyone his name was Mark so they decided to call him Mark Andrew 🙂

      and my name means John so luke all we need is a Doctor or maybe a vet

      he is still chained up in his cage but

      the pandoorica eye is opening

      and as I am sure you have already figured out the Tardis wasn’t just a time machine it was also an ark….for animals….Saint Francis.

      and Evan Almighty.

      lol I was actually involved in the marketing of that film…its a mad mad world….at least inside my head.

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    1. JB Moses was brought out of a basket from the rivers of time so it works both ways.

      When I moved from North of the Wall to the Deep South I hired out a large truck when I saw what was on the side of it I just had to laugh.

      My family always said I wasn’t the same as them that I came from another planet

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