The Bridge


The Danish/Swedish thriller The Bridge has been on my mind for some months now but especially this past week. Every time I walk past my neighbours window I can hear the haunting theme tune for the television series as they must have bought the BOX SET as it is playing constantly on a loop. I watched the first series some years ago but here is the storyline if you are not familiar with it.

What appears to be the body of a female Swedish politician is discovered in the middle of the Øresund Bridge, which connects Copenhagen with Malmö. The body, cut in half at the waist, has been placed precisely on the border between the countries, thus falling under the jurisdiction of both the Danish and Swedish police agencies.

After further examination, what appears to be one body is two halves of two separate corpses, the lower half belonging to a Danish prostitute. Two detectives, Saga Norén, from Sweden, and Martin Rohde, from Denmark, lead the investigation to catch the murderer.

The Two Faces of Eve

Venus she is half tiger and half panther replicating the racial divide at the recent superbowl with Malcolm X.

Two Faces of Venus

The bodies are divided into two countries North and South and the two countries on the opposite sides of the bridge must work together as a team in order to solve the puzzle.

Cat Hat er

The problem being the two sides disagree and sometimes fight like Cat and Dog so they have to put their differences aside and focus on what connects them instead…. as in the Bridge.

The Øresund/Öresund Bridge (Danish: Øresundsbroen, Swedish: Öresundsbron , hybrid name: Ø̈resundsbron) is a combined railway and motorway bridge across the Øresund strait between Sweden and Denmark. The bridge runs nearly 8 kilometres (5 miles) from the Swedish coast to the artificial island of Peberholm in the middle of the strait. The crossing is completed by the 4 km (2.5-mile) Drogden Tunnel from Peberholm to the Danish island of Amager.

The Øresund Bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe and connects two major metropolitan areas: Cop en hag en, the Danish capital city, and the Swedish city of Malmö. It connects the road and rail networks of the Scandinavian Peninsula with those of Central and Western Europe. A data cable also makes the bridge the backbone of internet data transmission between central Europe and Sweden/Finland.


We all suffer a bit from split personality. Our brain, as scientists have found, is divided into two completely separate hemispheres, Left and Right and each reigns over two separate domains.

The Left hemisphere is in charge of sequential, analytical and logical thought; it is the home of speech and language. The Right hemisphere is more spatial and visual; it is nonlinear, intuitive and holistic (sees the big picture). In computer terms, the Right brain operates like a parallel processor while the Left is like a serial processor. However the left brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left side.


This divide within our brain is also reflected conversely as the diagram above shows in the outside world in politics between left wing and right wing as if you stop and think about it people in general who are left wing tend to be the younger arty creative types whilst the right wing tend to be the older more logical and practical types.

The right side don’t like change and want to keep the bridge and borders (blood vessels) closed whilst the left side want to let everyone in regardless of the consequences. Also in a geographical sense it is reversed again as was depicted recently in the left side restricting the (blood) flow of people moving from the right side of the planet.

Pulling up the DrawBridge

It also is resulting in another Cold War between the East and the West (Left and Right).

Auguries of a rising confrontation between Russia and the west are not hard to find. A recent report by the European Leadership Network said close military encounters have jumped to cold war levels, with 40 dangerous or sensitive incidents recorded in the past eight months.

Sweden recently launched a full-scale naval operation to hunt down a mini-submarine, assumed to be Russian, trespassing inside its coastal waters. The hunt was eventually called off after nothing was found. Analysts suggested that was just as well, since the depth-charging of a Russian sub, if it had happened (and the Swedes were angry enough to do it), could have sparked a bigger crisis.

Other governments in the Baltic region have similar worries. In August, Finland scrambled US-made Hornet fighter jets when Russian aircraft illegally entered Finnish airspace on three separate occasions in one week. A Finnish research vessel was also harassed. In an interview with the Guardian, Sauli Niinisto, Finland’s president, added his voice to the chorus warning that the world was “at the gates of a new kind of cold war”.

New Cold War

In the middle of the bridge is an AI an arificial island an artificial paradise that appears to all intends and purposes to be the real deal but its definitely not we must continue our journey on through the tunnel until we reach our real home in MA lmo Sw EDEN.

Paradise Island

I wrote about that island in a previous post which you can about read here

The Love Boat

This divide within being reflected without is something that scientists are starting to come to terms with just in case you thought I wasn’t the only mad scientist on the block or nutty professor on campus.

As above, so below,” goes the Hermetic belief — “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing”.

In Eastern thought, this idea is often paraphrased as “As is the microcosm, so is the microcosm.”
I first came across these concepts in my reading of Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics, which opened the eyes of many in the west — and helped spawn the New Age movement — by detailing the close, often uncanny parallels between Eastern, metaphysical cosmology and the furthest reaches of western, theoretical physics.

While derided by some scientists as superficial and misleading, Capra had his allies among the luminaries of physics. He wrote a book called The Holographic Paradigm…..

………In one of the more fanciful sections of the book, Nader even finds a close resemblance between the shape of the hippocampus—responsible for memory forming, organizing, and storing—and images of the elephant-headed god Ganesh.

In the Chinese tradition (to pick almost at random from the analogs found in the mythos of ancient civilization) physical and mathematical structures like chaos seem clearly laid out, as well:
Chaos is the supreme ideal of Taoism. Chaos is wholeness, oneness and Nature. Chaos represents the natural state of the world. Digging holes on the head of Chaos means destroying the natural state of the cosmos. Therefore, to the ancient Chinese people chaos not only has the meaning of disorder but also presents a respectable aesthetic state. This idea of chaos may be very different from its western counterpart.

Given all of which, it should hardly be surprising that a neuron (microcosm) should resemble the universe (macrocosm). While modern science has been a little slow to concede the chain of parallels, one can almost see the ancient rishis rolling their eyes and saying, “Duh!”

Mirror Mirror

The conflict is also reflected in the different religions between the largely left wing New Age and the predominantly right wing Christianity although they are both much older and originate from the same source.

However this current scenario of a divided world was not how it was in the beginning before the explosion and the resulting fall as Adam and Eve were twin souls in one body.

Not only were Adam and Eve split from each other they themselves were split into many parts by the explosion and the resulting Fall out left them divided into pi eces into tiny fragments or atomic particles.

The Bridge series is symbolic of this division and specifically of Eve or Venus or Eve in US the top half a respectable pillar of the community, a cold and ruthless politician (the logical side of the brain) the bottom half a prostitute who is ruled by the lusts and emotions of the flesh (the passionate body).


The current divided bloodline has to be cleansed in the Divine Blood of Christ in order to bring peace but this cannot happen without the war both within and without being resolved. The change has to happen at first within ourselves before it can start to reflect the change in the world without.

splitting-adam-nickelodeon-original-television-movie-tv-nick-south-east-asia-website-sea_with-logoThis is reflected in the personalities of the two investigating officers the male Mar(s) tin the Dane is depicted as a womaniser who is married and very fertile having numerous children  he wears his heart on his sleeve and he is very emotional and compassionate.

On the other hand the female  Swede Saga is shown as having no emotion or empathy as she suffers from a condition that is similar to Assp ergers but she is more clever than the male because she has a analytic brain and has no emotion that might blur or colours her vision.

rhonaMartin has an eighteen-year-old son from his first marriage, August, who is now living with Martin and his current wife, Mette, by whom Martin has three children; after Martin has had a vasectomy, Mette discovers that she is expecting twins.

88 Time Loop

Saga lives alone and does not seem to feel she needs a serious relationship, instead picking up men in bars for casual sex. Saga is honest and up front in her emotionless sexual  relationships whereas Martin is evasive and deceptive in his though he appears to be in love with women in general. This is an obvious role reversal of the genders as in the past it was normally the male who was more prone in having emotionless sexual encounters.

Photo Illustration by Eileen Smith
Wandering Eye of the Tiger

These two extremes of behaviour are not the way it is meant to be and certainly not the way it was in the beginning. The Light and the Darkness need to be mixed together in perfect balance….the two don’t understand each other they are aliens from different planets the Light and the Dark must become one in order to be made Whole again.

Listen very carefully to what the two actors have to say about playing their roles in the series.

Kim the actor who plays Martin  says we need to work as a team no more childish ego getting into the Way he tries to train and control his computer brain not to think of Saga as a sex object but as his daughter. Sophia says she had to see Saga as a negative of a photograph and in playing the role she felt upside down and  inside out.


There are other remakes of The Bridge out there but as always they are not a patch (Adams) on the original series. In the same manner there are counterfeit Adam and Eve’s  but they are not real they are artificial illusions just mere phantoms and shadows of the real thing. They are all hollow and without substance, they are empty inside full of hollow talk.They need to cut out the infection cut out all of the hurt and the pain and the guilt they need to cut of the branch of sin that has caused this.

Would all crew members please report to the Bridge but just be careful as you have to travel through the holodeck.

Everything goes back to the beginning…. Christ stated…I am the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End…maybe the end is the beginning… another Big Bang…another Trumpet call… to send us back across the rainbow bridge and through the time tunnel.

maxresdefault (7)

Maybe thats why I have this fascination in blowing things up

The Time Tunnel

Well I suppose you could call this article my spin on the Big Bang Theory.


Firstly Adam has to resolve the conflict within before resolving his separation from Eve.

Then after that is achieved ultimately The Red Prince of Persia has to make peace with The Woman in Black……..or is it the Man in Black..



28 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Roob I woke up this morning and when I put on the tv the news was showing this and I could see the signs stand out in 3D…..

    its another tower coming down the battle of waterloo took place in 1 8.15 thats the Time thats it always been we are stuck inside a time loop….its time to reenact the battle simulation of the Battle of StamFord Bridge…we need to Dart Ford over the Bridge and through the Dartford Tunnel oops I only meant to blow the bloody doors ( to hell) of not blow up the whole simulation train ing.

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    1. Shiny, yesterday we watched a saved episode of ‘Pointless’ whilst eating pizza from The Hut. One of the rounds was ‘five clues to the Battle of Waterloo’…

      The round was won by Father Jack and Father Ted 😉

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    2. “The idea is there’s been the collapse of a high-rise building above Waterloo station that’s gone down into the station itself (and) caused some collapse in the tunnels, there are some Underground trains caught up in it and people trapped”

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      1. Hugo I was reading about that film today in Will H Smith and Tom is currently playing John Pine(Cone) in the Night Manager eye spy thriller. Also it redminded me of a simulation ride at Universal I was on years ago where the bus fell into the underground tube station a petrol tanker fell on top of us and exploded it was so real as you could feel the blast of the heat on your face and then came the flood.

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  2. Roob we have to find our way through the underground or underwear section without being detected

    shh dont tell Queen Victoria she is a bit of a p rude about this sort of thing well at least in public she likes to keep her other half secret

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  3. Dog whistle for whom the trumpets blow.

    I have this habit of looking at things, situation, etc. esoterically…therefore, I apologize if I’m often misunderstood. [must be because I leaped…eons ago…and only make sense to a few…once in a while :)]

    Bridge can be symbolic for “blood vessel”…. when not blocked/damaged…broken it keeps one side connected with the other…

    It needs to be unclogged.

    In The Engineering Rooms…i.e., ‘heart & mind’ the bridge is given energy and instructions in what to do. It only when the bridge was damaged, broken, etc. that we became stranded…lost and separated from each other. Each side blaming the other for the divide…when it wasn’t either side that caused the mishap…but a misunderstanding of how best to work together without one or the other being in total command.

    If the blood vessel, (bridge) functions properly…the whole body does.

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  4. Is that a trick question ? as for once I am stuck for a reply there’s a first. 🙂

    I suppose Its a bit like the Blue Pill Red Pill question?

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    1. Stuck? Make be we, (all) need to be stuck, (in the middle) for a while…giving us the opportunity to become reacquainted with one another…again.

      Interesting neck connection.

      waterfall from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, from a town name, perhaps from an Iroquoian language and meaning “a neck” (between two bodies of water); general sense of “a cataract, torrent” is attested from 1841; meaning ” ‘shower’ of ringlets (true or false) in women’s hair” is from 1864, also known as cataract curls.

      Niagara Falls [connected to the Great Lakes] is in a sense a sort of ‘neck vein’ not unlike other great falls that help push water, i.e., lubricant/blood through in and though out Mother Earth. This particular vein moves water … from the Great Lakes, (which are now becoming/being polluted) to The Atlantic Ocean.

      The Great Lakes combined account for around 20% of the entire world’s freshwater supply, which is why keeping them clean is of utmost importance. These lakes are all one system, yet each one has its own unique characteristics that make dealing with water pollution different.

      Pills? Take no pills – Wake up naturally and gradually…guided by the thoughts that come from Within.

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  5. DD great insights as always Niagara Falls reminds me of Paradise Falls which appears in the animated video of Up I posted it on MV in reply to Trinity. I find the small details are important did you notice the t-shirts in the Atomic Kitten video above one had a target the other a cowboy hat with the words Rock Star and what appears to be a black woman.

    They based the fictional Paradise Falls on Angel Falls

    At the western end of the park lies the great Auyantepui, (“House of the Devil”), the largest of the tepuis and home to Angel Falls. Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall on earth at 979m

    Although Paradise Falls doesn’t exist, Up‘s directors did visit real world locations in South America to model their fictional waterfall. Guided by Adrian Warren, director of the 2003 PBS documentary The Living Edens: The Lost World Tepuis, director Pete Docter and a select group of artists visited Canaima National Park in Venezuela to witness the tepuis firsthand, and to collect the sketches, photographs, and video that would later be used by art and technical directors as reference in creating their own “Lost World.”

    In South America, the peculiar mesas depicted in Up are called tepui, or “house of the gods”

    its always about separation

    When South America and Africa separated during the formation of the Atlantic Ocean some 180 million years ago, the entire region was uplifted for good and became what is known as the Guyana Highlands. However, under the stress of the uplift, the Pacaraima was broken up, and the forces of erosion began to take its toll on the exposed rock. Only the most-resistant columns of rock survived the onslaught of wind and water, leaving behind the distinctive sheer cliffs of sandstone rising from piles of eroded talus debris.

    and a fallen angel and his girl Rio

    While Angel Falls may seem like a heavenly name countering a sinister-sounding indigenous one, in reality, Angel Falls was actually named for pilot Jimmy Angel. While searching in 1937 for an amazing waterfall he originally spotted in 1933, Angel managed to crash-land on the summit of Auyantepui. He and his party had to walk for 11 days before finding help. The ensuing publicity surrounding his miraculous rescue prompted the Venezuelan government to name the falls after him. His airplane “El Rio Caroni” was ultimately retrieved in 1970 and now sits on display at the Ciudad Bolivar airport.

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    1. Hi TTN

      * Yes, saw the t-shirts…interesting…the what appears to be a woman of color…sporting an ‘afro’ hairstyle under the cowboy/girl hat….it could mean so many things and you know me…I could come up with at least two or three different variations of what it could me means…but I will re-frame from doing so.

      At mark 2:26 on the side of t-shirt…it looks like the word, ‘motel.’

      * That Star Trek holodeck scene…make me think of a dome and it’s glass ceiling… a ceiling that we can’t yet penetrate…which leads me to think of ‘cern’ and that they are trying to pierce a hole in it.

      *Hallow Talk song…just makes me want to be somewhere in a nice pub with a few good souls like yourself, brainstorming on how best to ‘go back.’

      The link referencing Angels Falls is interesting. Ha-ha…wasn’t there an ‘Angel’ [aka, the devil, satan, lucifer] who once supposedly sat next to God…who fell.

      The usage of the real Angel Falls…when many other ‘water falls’ could have been chosen. Why? Could it be because: At the western end of the park lies the great Auyantepui, (“House of the Devil”), the largest of the tepuis and home to Angel Falls

      Now in this fictional movie: “Paradise Falls” are ‘they’ now trying to tell us in a subliminal…yet in our face…with this fantasy of theirs, that Paradise has fallen. Then too, having the director of The Lost World…be so heavily involved.

      Notice too, how Angel exist but Paradise does not as it is a ‘fictional paradise’

      **Special note: 23 December 2009
      Angel Falls to be renamed Kerepakupai Meru so it no longer commemorates U.S. pilot who ‘discovered’ them [The late] Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez today called for the Angel Falls – the world’s tallest waterfalls – to be renamed. ‘No one should refer to Angel Falls anymore,’ Chavez said, adding that at least his supporters shouldn’t – even if his opponents prefer to keep using that moniker.

      *Then we have this guy….[we had this guy] Aubrey McLendon, the former Chesapeake Energy Corp CEO and a part owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder drive his car front on into a bridge in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

      He drove straight into the bridge:

      Destroy himself and damage/destroy the bridge. Ok La Hom A…. if that means anything.

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  6. Jimmy James Jacob he had a vision of it first in 33 through his third eye then 4 years later he crash landed for ‘real’ on the mountain top.

    My wife had a vision of a mountain in 2012 during the Olympics it was through the door and past the garden and now four years later we have the Rio Olympics.

    Its going to be an interesting sp ring and summer….

    its a return to our roots its a return to Afreeka

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    1. *Splitting ADAM [Atom]

      That’s just smashing! Japan’s particle accelerator makes its ‘first turns’ in its step towards ‘opening a new door to the universe’

      Called SuperKEKB it too wants to smash ADAM…[Atom]

      Are aliens trying to send us a message? Mysterious signals from a ‘powerful exotic object’ have been spotted repeatedly coming from the same spot in the universe.

      What is out there…if anything…? Or are ‘they’ trying to pull a fast one…like Wernher von Braun, before he died…said they would do?

      He said that the US would use as an enemy’s list; Extraterrestrials is significant here, because we would then justify space- based weaponry against extraterrestrials.

      Big Bang you say…yep…I suppose there will be a ‘Big Bang’, hopefully it is one that people will see and hear when the walls that protect the many privileged elites comes tumbling down.

      Flipping The Pyramid – we are the roots that keep ourselves buried.

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      1. DD its a jail break PAN wants to smash A dam as he has awakened from his NAP he wants to break into this realm this dimension this matrix and lead all the little children home with his pipe….


      1. Part 2

        Or were the drones here to photograph geoglyphs and other similar carvings which to me are markers…sort of like; a gang…a group marking their territory.

        Could these geoglyphs be effigies of ancient animal gods or patterns of constellations? Are they roads, star pointers, maybe even a gigantic map?

        A monkey. Picture Nazca Desert aerial image

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