The Bridge

The Danish/Swedish thriller The Bridge has been on my mind for some months now but especially this past week. Every time I walk past my neighbours window I can hear the haunting theme tune for the television series as they must have bought the BOX SET as it is playing constantly on a loop. I […]

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Hail Caesar

They say all roads lead to Rome and this apparantly is the script that is unfolding once again. On many levels the Roman Empire that has been split and divided for almost two thousand years ┬áis returning. Next year in 2017 it will be 1733 years since Diocletian seized power declaring himself Emperor and dividing […]

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Let it Go

Recently I had a few arguments with people in my personal life and I lost my temper which is a rare occurrence for me. I don’t know why things happen the way they do maybe things just come to a head naturally over time much like a thunderstorm slowly builds and develops after a long […]

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